Does the Army still issue BCG?

The S9s, more commonly known as “birth control glasses” or BCGs, were issued to U.S. troops for decades until 2012, when officials at the Department of Defense realized their iconically awful prescription eyewear actually functioned as a major cockblock for thousands of libidinous service members who would rather be …

What glasses do soldiers wear?

What Are GI Glasses? GI glasses are any military prescription glasses issued specifically by the military to enlisted members.

Do you get glasses in boot camp?

When you process through, medical, they will check your vision and within a few days, you will be issued you BC glasses which you will wear for the duration for boot camp. You should be issued at least 2 BC glasses. Keep in mind certain MOS’s like some in aviation require strict vision standards.

What color glasses can you wear in military uniform?

Lens colors must be traditional gray, brown, or dark green shades. Personnel will not wear lenses or frames that are so large or so small that they detract from the appearance of the uniform.

Can I join Indian Army with glasses?

Vision should be 6/6 Both Eyes for Soldier Infantry, with CP II grade Colour Vision. Visual standards can be up to 6/12 one eye for other trades like Soldier Technical, Clerks etc. Corrective spectacles are permitted with opinion of Eye Specialist.

Why do American soldiers wear sunglasses?

Because it makes us look cool. Seriously though, the only eye protection that we are supposed to wear during training, and deployment are from the Authorized Protective Eyewear List, PEO Soldier | Approved Eyewear . These glasses can reduce the risk of shrapnel hitting your eyes.

Can US soldiers wear glasses?

Poor vision typically will not limit your ability to serve in the U.S. Military, so long as your vision problem can be suitably corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or vision correction surgery. Trendy eyeglasses or sunglasses with initials, designs or other adornments are not authorized for wear.

Can I join Special Forces if I wear glasses?

Eyesight Requirements: Standard: Must be at least 20/70 or better in both eyes and both correctable to 20/20 with glasses. Must have normal color vision. Waiver possibilities: If one eye is 20/70 or better and the other no worse than 20/200, or if both eyes are no worse than 20/100.

Why do US soldiers wear sunglasses?

Can I bring a Bible to basic training?

Yes, you can send a bible to your recruit in boot camp. This military bible is a small size and can be customized with your loved-ones name in gold on the front cover.

Can you be a sniper with glasses?

Yes, but not in all regiments/corps. Both the US and UK require that your corrected vision be at least 6/6 (or 20/20). However, the Royal Marines have tighter requirements on uncorrected vision for their snipers.

Do I need to bring eyeglasses to basic training?

While each service may have different requirements for what to bring with you when you start basic training, all generally include: Clothing. You’ll need casual, comfortable clothing. Also bring white underwear, calf-length athletic socks (also white), a pair of comfortable shoes or running shoes and your eyeglasses.

What are the best looking safety glasses?

The NoCry Safety Glasses are the best safety glasses if you want something with clear vision and incredible comfort for all day wear. The polycarbonate lens is scratch resistant and anti-fog and the frame is adjustable at the sides and the nose, so it fits faces of all sizes.

Can you wear glasses in the military?

Recruits are not allowed to wear contacts during basic training due to hygiene concerns. Instead, their vision will be tested before arriving at basic training, and if it is determined that they need glasses, two pairs of military-issue glasses will be provided to them during basic training.