Does RamBox have dividers?

You will receive 1 set of dividers which is 2 large dividers with bag holders, Fishing rod holder, pipe holder. 1 long longitudinal dividers. 1 smaller side divider. You would need to order 2 sets to do both Diver and Passenger side RamBoxes.

Does RamBox take up bed space?

The big difference with the RamBox system is that the areas around the wheel humps are filled in, and that is where you technically lose space in the bed.

Do you lose bed space with RamBox?

Actually, the floor width at the wheel wells is slightly wider with RamBoxes. But you lose the “pockets” fore and aft of the wheel wells, of course. A big side benefit to the RamBox bed (to me) is that the cargo divider can lock very securely at any location from front to back of the bed.

What is included in the Rambox cargo management system?

The RamBox Cargo Management System comes with built-in cargo rails, sliding tie-down cleats and top rail covers….RAMBOX – Lockable Waterproof Storage – Guts, Glory, RAM

  • 120 cans of soda with ice.
  • Power tools.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Shopping bags.
  • Golf club bag.
  • Helmets and gloves.
  • Muddy boots and work clothes.

How do I order a Rambox?

2021 Jeep Renegade Price You can compare the Jeep Renegade MSRP by trim and explore some of the highlight features of each configuration with South Oak Jeep Dodge Ram Chrysler.

How much is the RamBox option?

In fact, Ram has reduced the price of both 6-foot-4-inch and 5-foot-7-inch RamBoxes by 32 percent to an attractive $1,295. RamBox provides secure storage options for tradesmen, craftsmen, sportsmen, athletes and outdoorsmen. RamBox can store golf clubs, fishing rods, sports gear, tool boxes and more.

Are Ram boxes waterproof?

The RamBox Cargo Management System is fully waterproof and even comes with the AllSecure remote security system to keep your things even more secure.

Will golf clubs fit in RamBox?

Instead of speaking only in cubic feet, we thought it might be better to give tangible or real-world examples of what the RamBox can hold. The side bins are large enough to hold a set of golf clubs, kayak paddles, fishing rods, and toolboxes, for example.

Can I put ice in RAM box?

The available class-exclusive RamBox Cargo Management System is waterproof and drainable. Load the cargo box with sheet rock and RamBox remains accessible. Have a road party: both sides fit up to 240 soda cans with ice. 120 cans of soda with ice.

Can a bed divider be used with a Rambox?

B. CARGO BED DIVIDER.(1) Easily adjustable divider is constructed of strong aluminum tubing and is designed for trucks equipped with Pickup Box Utility Rails (sold separately). Divider fits snugly into the slots located along the utility rails, enabling you to secure cargo of various sizes. Cannot be used with RamBox Cargo [ Management System.

Does the Ram box come with a bed extender?

Rambox models come with the bed divider that, with the proper pin and latch installed can also act as a bed extender….someone posted the part numbers for the latch….it wasn’t expensive but Ram can’t ship it that way My limited edition with the ram box system arrived without the bed extender.

What part number for bed divider/extender?

Click to expand… Part number 68027145AE, with the fold-out sides, is ONLY for trucks with the RAM Box. The ones you found were aftermarket (or rebranded Mopar Accessories), and designed for normal beds. GTBrown’s EBay score IS the divider/extender that you’re looking for.

How big is a 82215784 bedliner?

[ 82215784 – 5′ 7″ Bed (including RamBox) ] [ 82215785 – 6′ 4″ Bed ] E. DROP-IN BEDLINER.(2) Skid-resistant bedliner’s ribbed construction helps keep cargo from shifting, promotes water drainage from bed and includes built-in supports to split cargo.