Does Own goal count as first goalscorer on Betfair?

Own goals do not count for the first goalscorer part of the Wincast, but do count towards the match result. If the only goals in the match are own goals, all bets on the market will be void.

How does first goalscorer each way work?

1st Goalscorer For Each Way Goalscorer bets, the following terms will apply: If a player scores the first goal, both the win and place parts of the bet will be winners. If the same player scores a further goal no additional winnings will be paid.

What happens if first goalscorer is own goal?

Own goals. If the first goal is an own goal it does not count as a goal for settlement purposes. All bets on first goalscorer will therefore be settled on the next goal scored. Own goals do not effect the settlement of any bets placed on correct score or other related markets.

Can you get banned from Betfair?

Typically, account suspension is just a temporary measure while Betfair investigates your account activity. It could take some time as they may need to liaise with third parties, such as the gambling commission. Likely reasons that could trigger account suspension and investigation: Money laundering.

Why did Betfair void my bet?

Betfair may from time to time offer markets that are dependant on the participation of a particular competitor. If the competitor named either in a ‘Winner with …’ market title or in the Market Information does not participate in the tournament or event then all bets on the market will be void.

Is a bet void if a player doesn’t play?

If a player doesn’t see any game time, then all bets on that player will be void. Player Match Bets: Bets on this market refer to the quoted statistic recorded by a named player by the end of a match (including overtime).

What happens if your anytime goalscorer doesn’t play?

If the player you bet on doesn’t participate in the match, then the bet is voided, and your stake is returned.

What happens if your first goalscorer doesn’t start?

First Goalscorer – What if my player doesn’t start? If your goalscorer doesn’t start and another player scores, your bet will be voided. If your goalscorer starts and another player scores, you will lose your stake.

Who decides if it’s an own goal?

As an own goal is scored when the ball goes under the crossbar, so an “own point” is scored (like any other point) when the ball goes over the crossbar. However, when a shot on goal is deflected over the bar by the defending team, the point is credited to the attacker who shot and not considered an “own point”.

Can Betfair detect VPN?

Can Betfair Detect VPN Servers? Yes, sometimes, Betfair can detect VPN servers and block those VPN users.

Can I have 2 Betfair accounts?

No, we only allow one account per customer. Since you can use your existing Betfair account for all your activities on Betfair, it is not necessary to open additional accounts.

Do Betfair do best odds guaranteed?

Betfair offer Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) on all UK & Irish Horse Racing from 8am on the day of the race. So, if you take a price on a horse and the Starting Price (SP) is bigger we will pay you out at the bigger odds!