Does MSU have payment plans?

Overview. MSU ‘s payment plan allows deferral of 50% of tuition and 66% of residence hall charges (Fall and Spring Semesters only), depending on initial date of enrollment.

How do I pay my tuition MSU?

Payment may be made by check or money order payable to Michigan State University or by electronic check/ACH or credit card through STUINFO. Payments made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards are only accepted via the web and carry a convenience fee.

How do I pay my MSU bill online?

Overview. Students and guests can make payments on balances via the Student Information System (SIS) at After logging in, students and guests should navigate to the Student Accounts tile to access their student account.

Can I pay MSU tuition with a credit card?

Credit Card Payment Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express payments accepted only online through StuInfo. A convenience fee will be charged.

What is considered a full-time student at MSU?

12 credits
Table B: Enrollment Status by Number of Credits (Fall / Spring)

Full-Time Enrollment ½-Time Enrollment
Undergraduate 12 credits 6-8 credits
Graduate Certificate 9 credits 5-6 credits
Master’s Degree 9 credits 5-6 credits
Doctoral Degree 6 credits 3 credits

How many credits do I have MSU?

Credits Per Grade Level

Grade Level Credits Required
Freshman 0 through 27
Sophomore 28 through 55
Junior 56 through 87
Senior 88 or more

How many credits is a senior at MSU?

How many credits can you take in a semester at MSU?

During Fall and Spring semesters: Full-time students at MSU Law are allowed to enroll in a maximum of seventeen (17) credit hours.

How much does 1 credit hour cost at MSU?

History of MSU ‘s Tuition Per Credit Amounts (Undergraduate Instate Freshman Rate)

2020 Fall Semester – Per credit (1-11 credits) $482.00
2020 Fall semester flat rate (12-18 credits) $7,230.00
2019 Fall Semester – Per credit (1-11 credits) $482.00
2019 Fall semester flat rate (12-18 credits) $7,230.00