Does Kim Possible use a pager?

Although she lived in a time when beepers and pagers were so ubiquitous that they were referenced in her theme song, Kim Possible helmed one of the best Disney Channel shows of all time.

How Old Is Wade from Kim Possible?

Wade. Wade is a 10-year-old genius who runs Kim Possible’s website, supplies her with various gadgets, gives her missions through her “Kimmunicator,” and arranges her transportation. On rare occasions he has even gone on missions with Kim.

Who is Kim possibles boyfriend?

Kim and Ron’s first kiss together, from the episode “Emotion Sickness”. Ron Stoppable: Originally Kim’s goofy best friend and sidekick, over time, their friendship became something more and they are now a couple.

Where is Wade in Kim Possible?

For the first two seasons, and most of the third season, Wade is never seen outside of his room, until the episode “Team Impossible,” after Team Impossible overloaded his computer system with a power spike, he personally arrived on scene, and vented on the three members of the team.

Why was Kim Possible Cancelled?

In 2005, production halted following the premiere of Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama after airing three seasons and 65 episodes. However, the success of So the Drama bolstered the show’s popularity overseas and ultimately encouraged Disney Channel executives to renew the series for a fourth and final season.

Why does Bonnie hate Kim Possible?

However, while bonded to Kim’s hip for a short time, it was strongly implied that Bonnie’s sour disposition stemmed largely from her two older sisters, Connie and Lonnie, who were just as verbally abusive to Bonnie as she typically was to others, to the point where Kim was clearly uncomfortable having witnessed the …

Why did Kim Possible get canceled?

Who is Brick Flagg in Kim Possible?

Rider StrongKim Possible
Jacob ZelonkyKim Possible
Brick Flagg/Played by