Do diplomats deliver money?

Diplomats can carry documents for embassies between countries without inspection, but they do not run any kind of courier service. Any talk of a diplomat coming to your doorstep to deliver a fortune is utter nonsense and a scam.

What is diplomatic delivery?

Diplomatic Shipments or Diplomatic Cargo are items that are consigned to government officials and employees of non-U.S. countries who have a diplomatic mission/duty in the United States. These cargo shipments have certain legal protection as they are considered official diplomatic correspondence.

What is diplomatic agent service?

Government representatives who are sent by one country to live and work in another, to serve as intermediaries between the two countries. Originally, agents were asked to help to work out specific negotiations between countries. …

Is it safe to send money in a parcel?

You should never send cash through any courier services, this is “Illegal”. No courier company is allowed to carry any amount of cash in their cargo. You can not claim back your money if it is list damaged or detected by Airlines or any Transport Authorities..

Can I send money in a parcel?

Most courier companies would agree that shipping cash inside a parcel is not allowed. A stolen parcel with some money inside is not mainly a pleasant surprise for the sender. Cash is a rather common item on the list of the forbidden and not recommended things when shipping with courier companies.

How long does a courier take?

Delivery is normally within 24 to 36 hours. Deliveries to regional centres will take approximately 48 to 96 hours depending on the situation. Kindly liaise with The Courier Guy office before sending your consignment away.

Is cash allowed in courier?

As per law, it is illegal to send currency notes and coins by mail or courier service. Courier services such as DTDC, DHL, FedEx etc will check for the presence of money in their packages. If found, they won’t allow it to be shipped and will ask the sender to remove such items.

What are cash couriers?

Among these illicit money transfer systems, the practice known as “cash couriers” or “money remitters”, in other words individuals transporting ready cash, remains problematic and topical.

Which is the best courier company in Pakistan for international delivery?

Else than that, you may find them handy to deliver anything anywhere in the world at any time! Consider these delivery companies for your parcels and you will surely get positive feedback! TCS is considered to be the best, cheapest and most trusted courier company in Pakistan delivering locally and internationally.

What does a diplomatic courier do?

Bureau of Diplomatic Security A diplomatic courier is a U.S. government official who is trained and credentialed by the Secretary of State to accompany classified materials across international borders.

What is Paradise Courier & logistics?

Paradise Courier & Logistics (PCL) is a very dynamic and forward-looking express courier service. That is known for its quality delivery service and ensures that your urgent and important shipments reach their destination quickly and reliably with a complete tracking facility.

How to track DHL packages in Pakistan?

Visit their website to experience the best international courier services in Pakistan and also track your DHL packages. Pakistan International Airlines established SpeedeX courier service company back in 2003 that rapidly progressed and is currently serving premium courier services to about 70 cities across Pakistan ensuring quality and security.