Can you swim in Hawkesbury?

Can I swim in the Hawkesbury River? Yes, of course. BUT ONLY IN THE BAYS WHERE THERE ARE MOORINGS – NEVER SWIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER AS THE TIDES ARE TOO STRONG!!! The Hawkesbury River is considered as one of the cleanest rivers in New South Wales.

Whats the name of the river at Windsor?

Set on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, Windsor is home to 21 colonial buildings and offers a unique insight into Australia’s past.

What occurred at Hawkesbury River?

An extraordinary event occurred at Refuge Bay on the Hawkesbury River in late March 1891, recorded as the only time politicians came clean in public, Government leaders from Australia’s colonies gathered in Sydney for the constitutional convention. The Aboriginal name for the Hawkesbury River is ‘Deerubbun’.

Why is the Hawkesbury River important?

The Hawkesbury River is the longest coastal river in New South Wales. A vital source of water and food, it has a long Aboriginal history and was critical for the survival of the early British colony at Sydney. The Hawkesbury’s weathered shores, cliffs and fertile plains have inspired generations of artists.

What animals are in the Hawkesbury River?

The Hawkesbury-Nepean River is also a flagship area with native and exotic birds. The river is home to a number of water birds such as ducks, river hens, pelicans, herons, ibises and spoonbills. There are also a variety of birds that live on the fringes of rivers like eagles, kookaburra, owl and frogmouth.

Is there phone reception on the Hawkesbury River?

Your help in getting strong mobile coverage is greatly appreciated. Mobile reception in the Hawkesbury is absolutely appalling – regular daily dropouts, and several areas even along Windsor Road simply drop out all together – “black holes” .

Who named the Hawkesbury River?

Explored in 1789 by Captain Arthur Phillip, first governor of the Australian colony, it was named for Baron Hawkesbury (later 2nd Earl of Liverpool). The Hawkesbury River Bridge (left) and the Peats Ferry Bridge (right) between Kangaroo Point and Mooney Mooney Point, N.S.W., Australia.

Is Hawkesbury River salty?

Hawkesbury River, river rising in the Great Dividing Range north of Lake George, New South Wales, Australia, and flowing 293 miles (472 km) north and east to the Tasman Sea at Broken Bay. It then continues on a meandering course for 100 miles (160 km), becoming a salt tidal stream after receiving the Colo River.

Who discovered the Hawkesbury River?

Governor Arthur Phillip
Exploring the river In March 1788, little more than a month after the arrival of the First Fleet, Governor Arthur Phillip led an expedition which explored the mouth of the Hawkesbury as far as Dangar Island, near the present-day township of Brooklyn.

What fish live in the Hawkesbury River?

Put your fishing skills to the test, with mulloway aka jewfish, kingfish, bream, bass, tailor, and salmon present in the Hawkesbury river.

Why visit the Hawkesbury River?

Relax by the river Surrounded by National Parks & dotted with secluded river communities, the Hawkesbury River is navigable for over 100 kilometres with 1100 kilometres of foreshore fringe. The western end of the River forms a peaceful boundary for the Sydney region – you could cruise and explore these waters for weeks and still not see it all.

Where can I go fishing in Hawkesbury?

Able Hawkesbury also offer kayaks, half-cabin boats and runabouts for day hire. Cast a line for fish along the river and tributaries. Near the river mouth bream, snapper, mulloway, tailor and whiting all bite. There are boat ramps at various locations, including Governor Phillip Park in Windsor and Wisemans Ferry.

Where is Hawkesbury gateway?

Directly north of Sydney, approximately 24km along the F3 Freeway, is Hawkesbury’s Gateway surrounded by rich bush land and natural attractions where you can also relax and unwind by the spectacular Hawkesbury River. The Hawkesbury Gateway region neighbours Sydney’s Central Coast.