Can you have a house on Beaver Lake?

Beaver Lake, Arkansas The Beaver Lake real estate market is the second largest marketplace for lake property in Arkansas. The average list price for Beaver Lake homes for sale is $481,000. Normally there are about 110 lake homes for sale at Beaver Lake, and 280 listings for lots and land.

How many acres is Beaver Lake?

31,700 acres
Beaver Lake has some 487 miles (784 km) of shoreline….Beaver Lake (Arkansas)

Beaver Lake
Surface area 31,700 acres (12,800 ha)
Shore length1 483 mi (777 km)
Surface elevation 1,120 ft (340 m)
Settlements Eureka Springs, Arkansas

What is zip code for Beaver Lake Arkansas?

Beaver, Arkansas (AR 72631) profile: population, maps, real estate, averages, homes, statistics, relocation, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, moving, houses, news, sex offenders.

Can you build a dock on Beaver Lake?

Yes, according to the draft SMP, new permits associated with new dock construction can be issued to adjacent landowners to Government property at the dock site.

What is the deepest part of Beaver Lake Arkansas?

Beaver Lake/Max depth

What county is Beaver Lake Arkansas in?

Carroll County
Beaver Lake was created by Beaver Dam in Carroll County. The lake—technically a reservoir since it was created by a manmade dam in order to store water—is located on the White River in the Ozark Highlands region of northwest Arkansas.

Is Beaver Lake private?

Beaver Lake is located about 30 minutes South of Omaha and about 20 minutes North of Nebraska City just off of HWY 75. The lake is private and not public. One can enjoy boating, tubing, skiing, wake boarding, and a variety of fishing.

How much is a boat slip on Beaver Lake?

Bring Your Boat to Our Beaver Lake Resort! Boat Slips Rates: Covered Slips $15 per night, Uncovered Tie up Positions $10 per night. All Visitors of guests must register at the office.

Is Beaver Lake safe to swim in?

Beaver Beach at Elk/Beaver Lake are again deemed unsafe for swimming. On Tuesday, the Capital Regional District and Island Health reported that water samples from Beaver Beach contained high levels of bacteria. As a precaution, beach-goers and their pets are advised to stay out of the water.

Are boats allowed in Beaver Lake?

Boating. With over 28,220 surface acres of clear, beautiful water to explore, Beaver Lake is available for boaters, skiers, scuba diving, and fishermen to enjoy their favorite pursuit. Fuel, supplies, and services are available at 7 marinas operated by private concessionaires.

What is at the bottom of Beaver Lake?

Trees, Foundations And Amphitheater Can Be Found Underwater by Bob Caudle | August 20, 2011 at 5:42 a.m. The site of the old White River bridge is now deep beneath Beaver Lake to the left of the Arkansas 12 bridge in this photo.

Should you buy a lake home in Beaver Lake?

If you’ve been thinking about lake homes for sale, keep Beaver Lake in mind. The sprawling 28,370-acre lake is situated high in the picturesque Ozark Mountains along the White River, spanning Benton and Carroll Counties.

Are there any lake homes for sale in Beaver Lake Arkansas?

Normally there are about 110 lake homes for sale at Beaver Lake, and 280 listings for lots and land. Beaver Lake is a mid-sized Arkansas lake, and has 487 miles of shoreline. Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, the closest major airport, is only 30 miles away.

How big is Beaver Lake MN?

Boasting 487 miles of shoreline, Beaver Lake is strategically designed to accommodate the needs and interests of visitors. Resorts, cabins, and campsites circle the lake, inviting those interested in lake homes for sale to settle in.

What can you do in Beaver Lake?

Whether you’re at home on (or in) the water, setting up your favorite tee time, or enjoying the fun of exploring the cliffs, Beaver Lake has a spot for it. Come visit one of the lake’s pristine beaches, or enjoy a sailing lesson from one of the local instructors.