Can you do your NQT year abroad?

Once you have received Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) you may consider doing your (NQT) induction year. The good news is you can take your NQT abroad. Taking your NQT overseas gives you a foot in the door to international schooling while giving you support to build your career amidst a supportive community.

Can you change schools during NQT year?

Can an NQT change from teaching Primary to Secondary or vice versa during their induction year? Yes. There is nothing stopping NQTs from doing, for example, two terms secondary and one term primary.

Is NQT year necessary?

Yes. You will be required to serve the equivalent of two academic years for a full-time teacher. For example, an ECT on a 0.5 contract will complete their induction in four years.

Is an NQT a qualified teacher?

NQT stands for ‘newly qualified teacher’. This is someone who has completed their initial teacher training and gained qualified teacher status (QTS) in England and Wales. However, at this level, they won’t have finished their year-long mandatory induction programme.

Where can I do my NQT year?

You can do your NQT year in any school, except for schools in special measures, a secure training centre or an FE institution that has been given the Ofsted grading “inadequate”, or has had its leadership graded category four.

What happens if you don’t do your NQT year in 5 years?

If a recently qualified teacher does not teach at all for 5 years following graduation then they will not be able to undertake short term supply and will have to find a permanent post immediately.

Is the NQT year 2 years?

The Government has proposed a new 2-year package to support newly qualified teachers (NQTs) during the start to their career in September 2021 – except for early rollout areas who will adopt this from September 2020. This will mean that from September 2021 an NQTs statutory induction period will be two years.

How does NQT year work?

The NQT program is a statutory three-term programme where you will teach classes, plan lessons and assess students. You will have a reduced timetable, often around 90 per cent, and you’ll have a mentor who will monitor, observe and support you all the way through your first full teaching year.

How often are NQTs observed?

As an NQT you should expect to be formally observed 6 times over your NQT year, with the first observation usually taking place in the first 4 weeks.

How long do NQTs have to complete Induction?

An NQT induction is an assessment period lasting 3 terms, which you can usually expect to complete in one academic year, and is designed to ensure that you have a solid grounding in which to continue to build on your skills throughout your teaching career.

Does your NQT year expire?

No, there is no time limit on how quickly you have to finish your NQT if you are doing it as supply. However, you can only do casual short-term supply for a maximum of five years. After that, you must undertake work that will count towards your NQT year.

Can my NQT work overseas?

NQTs are now able to complete their induction year overseas… and international schools are eager to employ these recently-trained professionals. There are more than 4,300 British international schools operating globally, making up over 45% of the international schools’ market.

Does NQT count when returning to the UK to teach?

It will ‘count’ when you return to the UK to teach and it should be the as demanding as the induction process back in the UK. If you search on TES you will find many schools that offer the NQT induction process, and those who do will state it clearly.

Where can I get an NQT induction in the UK?

Eteach, the UK’s leading education job site and ESP, NQT induction providers have teamed up to offer a complete service to match NQTs to their ideal school and deliver the NQT induction at UK standards, anywhere in the world. Eteach has been leading the way in international teacher job matching for 18 years.

Who is the NQT community manager at Eteach?

Dani is the NQT Community Manager at Eteach, supporting NQTs in finding their first employment role and working in partnership with ESP Education to ensure induction plans are in place to support NQTs in completing their induction year.