Can pike smell dead bait?

Deadbaits tend to catch the biggest fish Marine species also give off the strongest smell. Not only that,many are also very oily, and these oils seep into the underwatercurrents and lead big pike to their source.

What’s the best dead bait for pike?


  • TROUT. Brown trout are particularly effective, being tough and quite buoyant.
  • HERRING. I like the small ‘jacks’ of about 8ins.
  • ROACH. A tough bait that on many venues makes up most of the pike’s diet.

Can you dead bait for pike in summer?

But pike are more active in the warmer months and when they decide to feed they often go into a frenzy and snaffle down baits very quickly. For this reason we do not recommend the use of deadbaits until the winter months. This will inevitably result in deeply hooked and often damaged fish.

Does pike smell good?

Northern Pike have a fairly weak sense of smell but they can smell a dead baitfish well enough to make those effective baits when fishing for them.

Do pike eat dead minnows?

When the water temperature is high, i.e. during the summer months, pike are very active and will often chase small fry fish around. During this time of year the pike prefer catching live food, however they will devour dead bait if they are hungry when they come across it.

Do pike eat dead fish?

Northern pike are opportunistic and will actively scavenge for winter-killed panfish and fish stressed by spawning. Dead baits placed in a pike’s path are seen as an easy meal. Northern pike have often been referred to as “water wolves” in a nod to their land-bound counter parts.

Does pike eat rotten fish?

Pike are predators, but they are also opportunists, eating dead fish whenever they find them. Even if that dead fish is from the sea and a species the Pike has never seen, they will still try to eat it. For the angler this opportunistic attitude, means we have plenty of dead baits to choose from.

Can you catch pike in April?

April to May The males gather in wait in the shallower waters to be joined later by the larger females. During spawning, much the same as other species, the pike is too pre-occupied to be interested in feeding and responsible anglers will have hung up their bait rods in march to leave the pike to it.

Is there a pike season?

Pike fishing by dedicated specialist anglers is often only from October to March, this being the traditional pike season. But pike are more active in the warmer months and when they decide to feed they often go into a frenzy and snaffle down baits very quickly.

Why are dead baits so effective for pike fishing?

One of the main reasons why dead baits are so effective is because they emit certain scent in the water. And as you may guess, pike are drawn to the scent of bait better than to artificial lures.

What size hook for dead bait Pike?

Berkley size 7 rated at 60lb, I use these and only these for all my dead bait Pike rigs, sorted. Treble hooks are by far and away the most popular hooks used for dead baiting. Two trebles tied to the trace set at a distance apart that suites the size of the bait.

What is the best bait for ice fishing pike?

Best Bait For Pike Ice Fishing Usually, the same rules apply in every season – the greasier the fish is the more scent it lets out. If possible, you can try herring as dead bait. Herring is a perfect bait because it’s very oily and produces a lot of scent which pike can start hunting down quickly.

How long does it take a pike to swallow a dead bait?

A dead bait will not wriggle or try to escape the pike. Because of this a pike can take a dead bait and swallow it down in just a few seconds. Strike when you’re sure you have a bite, if in doubt strike anyway.