Can kinfolk become Garou?

Though opinions of and attitudes toward kinfolk vary by individual Garou, Septs, and Tribes, kinfolk are recognized as members of the Garou Nation. Under no circumstance may kin hold rank, regardless of how renowned, respected, or beloved they may be to their Garou masters.

Can kinfolk be embraced?

Typically in oWoD supernatural qualities don’t mix very neatly, so if your setting and game treats kinfolk themselves as ordinary humans then they should respond to the Embrace in that same, ordinary human mode. This obviously excludes kinfolk that are wolves, as animals cannot be Embraced.

Is Garou a Fera?

The Bunyip are sometimes mistakenly referred to as Fera – they are actually an extinct tribe of Garou, eradicated in the War of Tears. Fera is the term most commonly used by the Garou themselves, to mean shapechangers of other races; other breeds have similar terms.

Is Garou a God?

According to Garou himself, his “Monster Calamity God Slayer Fist” is Disaster Level God, and has no weak spots. Boros, Garou and Orochi are apparently “Dragon or higher”, meaning, borderline “God”. As for now, within the verse, none monster was outright ranked as a “Disaster Level God”.

Can Genos beat Garou?

Assuming you are talking about the anime of season 2, Garou could currently beat Genos hands down. In the latest episode Garou went toe to toe with Genos, despite Garou being horribly injured, poisoned, and weakened to the point where he could barely handle a group of A and B-Class heroes before.

Can a dhampir be embraced?

The average dhampir will have a blood pool, like their Kindred cousins, but cannot make blood bonds, create ghouls, or Embrace; however, they do not have to spend their blood to be active, as their vampiric “blood” is purely supernatural in nature.

Can Garou beat Silver Fang?

In the original webcomic, Garou did surpass Silver Fang at one point. When he completed his transformation into Awakened Garou, he definitely had evolved to a point where even Bang stood no chance against him.

How are Garou born?

The breed is determined by the natural form of a child’s mother. If the mother is a human or homid Garou, then the child is born as a homid. If the mother is a wolf or a lupus Garou, then the child is born as a lupus. If both the parents are garou, the child is born as a metis.

How old is Garo?

Garo Sparo Age Gary is 42 years old as of 2019.

Is Genos stronger than Garo?

Garou is a character who continuously and rapidly gets more powerful throughout the series. The same could be said about Genos to some extent, with each new upgrade he does in fact get more powerful, but the speed at which Genos progresses in power and ability is dwarfed by Garou.

What is the difference between human kinfolk and Garou kinfolk?

Despite being far better able to interact with their breed (species) than Garou of the same breed, neither human or animal kinfolk belong purely to their respective species. Human kinfolk generally had a bit more spirituality and connection to nature, being slightly of the wolf, than did the masses of humanity.

Do any of your kinfolk have rage?

No kinfolk possess Rage, nor are they blessed by Luna or Helios with an Auspice . This lack of favor also means that they’re immune to the effects that silver (or gold for some fera) has on their true breed kin.

What is the role of the kinfolk in the tribe?

The primary role of Kinfolk to their Tribe was breeding stock. Gaia needed warriors for the impending Apocalypse and mating between Kinfolk increased the slim odds of offspring breeding true or, more likely, being Kinfolk themselves.

Can a deceased kinfolk become a Wraith?

Nothing prevented deceased Kinfolk from becoming Wraiths . The Changing Breeds, particularly the Garou, mingled blood with the Fae many times throughout history. Changelings and werewolves, being both creatures of the Wyld, found much in common to celebrate or unite for.