Best free Tools for Teaching Essay Writing

Essay writing is not just as any other writing. In fact, essay writing is a unique form of writing. If you are a teacher or just want to teach someone how to write an essay, there are tools which can help you to do this. In this article, we shall look at the best free tools for teaching essay writing. The tools which we shall be looking into are really the best tools for teaching essay writing to anyone who has an interest in learning about how to write an essay, whether the person is a student or a professional.

  • WriteToLearn

WriteToLearn is a great tool for teaching essay writing. It is a web-based writing evaluation tool. Students that uses this tool get the opportunity to practice their writing across subject areas. WriteToLearn also provides immediate instructional feedback to students on their learning performance. With an internet access, students can access this tool. This makes it possible for students to access the tool anywhere they are, be it at home or in the classroom. This also makes WriteToLearn an easy-to-use, flexible web-based system for teaching essay writing.

This tool for teaching essay writing is mainly designed for students in grades 4-12 to help develop their reading comprehension, writing skills and expand their academic word writing. Teachers who use WriteToLearn can assign more writing practice to students while using the tools editing and scoring system which can afford them more time for teaching. The essay writing component of WriteToLearn enabled students to achieve 11 percent to 90 percent gains in proficiency in state and district tests. You can choose from the tool’s more than 650 essay prompts or create your own as a teacher. You can view the progress of students instantly, including their scores.


PARAPAL-ONLINE is a tree tool which is packed with free resources for teachers teaching essay writing and also for students. PARAPAL-ONLINE is a free software which teachers can use to create lessons and courses. The software makes it possible for teachers to tackle the language learning problems of their students. What stands this tool out as a tool for teaching essay writing is that it is designed with classroom experience and observation. The website has a lot of programs to help improve learning of English language and essay writing.

The tool also offers learning exercises which includes; general English exercises, Cambridge exam style exercises, punctuation exercises, listening exercises, vocabulary building exercises, children exercises, business English exercises, essay writing exercises, academic writing exercises, vocabulary building exercises and letter and email writing exercises. With this software, teachers can also create their own tests and exercises for their students in less that 5 minutes. PARAPAL-ONLINE free software also makes it possible for the creation of various learning interactives to making learning easy goddess kalypso.

  • Essay Punch

With Essay Punch, you can’t go wrong with teaching essay writing. The is a good way to support student as they advance in writing, to improve their essay writing skills. Users who use this tool will learn and be taken through the process of essay writing. Essay Punch offers teachers the help that they need in grooming their students to be excellent essay writers. Any essay writing service can also take advantage of the Essay Punch tool. Where it is time consuming for a teacher to provide attention to every student, Essay Punch can also prove to be a great tool.

Students and users of Essay Punch will be able to learn and understand the entire process of essay writing, from the platforms interactive exercises. One can also learn about the different forms of essays; descriptive, informative and persuasive essay. Users are taken through the step-by-step process of developing an essay from pre-writing, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and even publishing.


Here, we have been able to present the best free tools for teaching essay writing. The tools which we have discussed here have been made possible through the application of technology. So if you find yourself in a situation where you have to quickly scan through and get a tool that can help you to teach essay writing to a group of students or audience, you can rely on any of the tools which we have discussed in this article.