Are trains running from Mumbai to Kolkata?

There are 7 weekly trains and 3 daily trains that run from Mumbai to Kolkata , covering the shortest distance of about 1651 km by JNANESWARI DELX(12101).

Which train is running in lockdown from Mumbai to Howrah?

Mumbai to Kolkata Mumbai CSMT Howrah AC Duronto Express (12261) departs from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus station (CSMT) at 17:15 and arrives Howrah Jn station (HWH) at 20:05 . Mumbai to Kolkata duronto fare is Rs.

Is there any special train from Mumbai to Howrah?

Duronto Express, Gitanjali Express and Pune Santragachi Superfast Special are some of the highest-rated and most popular trains that run from different stations in Mumbai to Howrah.

How many trains are running from Howrah to Mumbai?

With reference to trains running from Howrah to Mumbai, there are 10 trains in total.

How can I get Duronto Express from Mumbai?

Search more trains plying between Howrah Jn (HWH) & Mumbai Csmt (CSMT) with updated schedule and route info….12262 – Howrah Mumbai Csmt Ac Duronto Express.

Station Name (Code) Howrah Jn (HWH)
Arrival Starts
Departure 05:45
Stop Time Starts
Distance Travelled (KM) 0

How many trains are there from Kolkata to Mumbai?

Total 13 trains are running between Kolkata and Mumbai railway station. Some major trains that run from Kolkata to Mumbai are HWH PUNE Superfast Special, CSMT Suvidha Special, Jnaneswarisupdlx, HWH CSMT Express, Gitanjali Express . Use Goibibo for train ticket booking .

What is the fare of Gitanjali Express from Mumbai to Kolkata?

Mumbai to Kolkata Gitanjali Express (12859) departs from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus station (CSMT) at 06:00 and arrives Howrah Jn station (HWH) at 12:30. Mumbai to Kolkata train fare is Rs.2035 in Third AC, Rs.2935 in Second AC and Rs.780 in Sleeper for this train.

What is the fare from Mumbai to Kolkata by Duronto?

Mumbai to Kolkata duronto fare is Rs.2285 in Third AC, Rs.3310 in Second AC and Rs.855 in Sleeper for this train which includes meal charges also.

What is the price of Tatkal ticket on Indian Railways?

Tatkal ticket fare and premium tatkal fare in this route starts from Rs 485 in Second Seater (2S), Rs 3390 in Second AC (2A), Rs 940 in Sleeper (SL) and Rs 2390 in Third AC (3A). Indian Railways have started special trains to enable passengers to go from one city to another for COVID duration.