5 Reasons to use field service software for your business

Using a quality field service management software, such as RedZebra Software, for businesses with engineers in the field is fast becoming an must have option for many businesses in this sector. It allows field engineers to efficiently do their jobs, and ensures everything is tracked and reported in the right way.

If you’re considering investing in field service software, such as the various packages you can find using MS Dynamics for field service industries or other software options from other providers, take a look at our top 5 reasons.

  • First class communication

Using field service software allows for improved communication between your engineers in the field, and the main office team. Engineers can be reached instantly via the software, avoiding mobile phone bills and out of signal areas.

It also avoids issues with having to read and decipher reading handwriting, as well as offering the option to include photos which can be taken on a job and uploaded to an account via the software.

  • Save time on jobs

Using field service software allows an engineer in the field to have instant access to all information they will need to complete a job, avoiding them having to make phone calls to head office, or browsing websites to look for spare parts.

Engineers have access to the customers data, allowing them to find their location and understand their order before arrival. They also have access to the product catalogue, allowing them to instantly order any necessary parts, and provide costs and delivery dates if necessary.

  • Save money

Possibly one of the best reasons to use field service software is due to the money which can be saved, compared with manual processes.

A key feature of field service software is the ability to produce quotes and invoices on the spot, reducing time having to go back to the main office and get these done at a later date. This can help to improve order rates and time taken for invoices to be cleared.

  • Improved customer service

A key reason to use field service management software is the direct impact it can have on customer service. Not only does it allow the job to run much more efficiently, with quotes, invoices, and stock ordering, it can vastly reduce the amount of time your engineers have to spend at the customers location, allowing them to get back to their own day much quicker.

  • No more reporting mistakes

Working in the field can be tricky, and reporting errors are not uncommon. When an engineer is trying to install a piece of equipment and deal with a customer at the same time, it’s easy to see why errors can be made when taking notes regarding the job.

The software allows for customised reporting, with options such as dropdown menus for inputting data, so that mistakes can be avoided and engineers can focus on doing their job. It also reduces any misinterpretation with admin offers who are later analysing this information for wider business reporting.

If you’re considering field service software for your business, you’ll likely have noted other benefits of using such software for your business, but the above 5 benefits are what most businesses seem to find useful.