Why is there radiation in Emmett Idaho?

During the Cold War, Emmett existed in the crosswinds of two major sources of radiation fallout: The Nevada testing site a little over 500 miles to the southeast, and the Hanford production plant almost 300 miles to the northwest. The geographic make-up of the town makes it easy for wind to blow in, but not out.

Where are star garnets found in Idaho?

Emerald Creek Garnet Area
Emerald Creek Garnet Area. There are only two places in the world you can find Star Garnets – India and right here on the Idaho Panhandle National Forests! The garnets found here are called “star garnets” because of a unique property that causes some of them to display a reflection like a four or six pointed star.

How radioactive is the Nevada Test Site?

These tests released an estimated 222,000 Peta-Becquerel (Peta = quadrillion) of radioactive material into the atmosphere.

How many nuclear bombs are in Idaho?

Throughout its history, the U.S. nuclear laboratory at Idaho Falls (presently known as the Idaho National Laboratory or “INL”) has been home to 52 nuclear reactors, the largest concentration of nuclear reactors in the world.

Is there radiation in Idaho?

There is no doubt that Emmett, population 5,500, and other towns in four Idaho counties were exposed to high levels of radiation from the open-air atomic bomb blasts, receiving extremely high doses of a radioactive chemical that has been linked to increased risk for thyroid cancer. “It’s not just thyroid cancer.

What is a downwinder baby?

A “downwinder” is a person who was exposed or presumed to be exposed to radiation from the explosion of nuclear devices at the federal Nevada Test Site.

Are there diamonds in Idaho?

Idaho is rich in industrial minerals. Agates, jade, opal, garnet (pink, green, and red), and diamonds-to name a few-have all been found in Idaho. It is believed the biggest diamond ever found in the United States – weighing nineteen and one-half carats – was found between McCall and New Meadows.

How much are star garnets worth?

Cut and polished, a ”star garnet” is an attractive burgundy-colored jewel worth $10 to $125 a carat. There are only two places in the world where star garnets have been unearthed: northern India and the Emerald Creek area of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest.