Why is the Ogden Temple closed?

In 2020, like all the church’s other temples, the Ogden Utah Temple was closed in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

What is happening to the Ogden Temple?

Originally dedicated in 1972 as the 14th operating temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the fifth in Utah, the Ogden Utah Temple recently received a complete overhaul—reshaping the exterior with new stone and art glass and reconfiguring the entrance from the west side to the east side, where …

Is the Ogden temple grounds open?

Temple closed today All ordinances are available by appointment only.

How many temples are in Ogden?

Other notable improvements include adding underground parking, new landscaping of the temple block, and the addition of a major water feature. Currently, there are 30 temples in various stages of construction or have been announced throughout the world. Visit MormonTemples.org for additional information.

How much did the Ogden temple cost?

The temple, which cost a total of $3.5 million to build, boasts foundation walls 16 feet thick and 16 feet deep.

What phase is the Ogden Temple?

Phase 3
Ogden Utah Temple (Phase 3) Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple (Phase 3) Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple (Phase 3)

What is the Ogden temple made out of?

The Ogden temple will be stripped of its pre-cast “skin,” and replaced with an exterior of new stone and more glass. The center tower in the new design is consistent with the center spire of the temple’s current design.

What is the smallest LDS Temple?

It is the smallest of the three temples, with a total floor area of 47,224 sq ft (4,387.3 m2), three ordinance rooms, and six sealing rooms. The Cardston and Mesa temples were originally built about the same size, but an addition in 1974 to the Mesa temple expanded its area to 113,916 sq ft (10,583 m2).

How much is a Mormon temple worth?

Globally, Mormon temples and meetinghouses are worth an estimated $35 billion, reported Reuters in 2012. They represent the most outward show of wealth for an organization whose finances are secret but thought to be extensive.

When was the Ogden temple dedicated?

January 18, 1972
Ogden Utah Temple/Opened

Who is the president of the Ogden Temple?

Fredrick Froerer III, 69, and his wife, Kathleen Silver Larsen Froerer, have been called as temple president and matron of the Ogden temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What was the first LDS temple in Utah?

The St. George Utah Temple was the first temple built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after the death of Joseph Smith, Jr. Located in the city of St. George, Utah, it was the first LDS temple built in the Rocky Mountains .

What state has the most LDS temples?

Outside of Utah. Of the states with the most LDS temples, California is second with seven, followed by Arizona and Idaho both at six (Idahos includes the pending-groundbreaking temple in Pocatello ). Of the 50 states, 38 have at least one LDS temple, with 15 of those having at least two.

How many LDS temples are in Utah County?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has over 130 temples throughout the world, 14 are completed and located in Utah.

What are the LDS temples in Utah?

LDS Temples in Utah. The Temple is the house of the Lord prepared and dedicated for sacred gospel ordinances. It is also a place of worship and prayer. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has over 130 temples throughout the world, 14 are completed and located in Utah.