Who said Disperse ye rebels in Johnny Tremain?

Major Pitcairn is heard saying, “Disperse ye rebels, ye villains, disperse! Why don’t ye lay down your arm?” (pg. 218).

What happened in Chapter 10 Johnny Tremain?

Doctor Warren tells Johnny to get some sleep, but Johnny goes down to Boston Common instead, where hundreds of people are watching the British soldiers embark. Johnny hears that Revere and Dawes are safely on their way. Johnny returns to Doctor Warren’s around midnight, where he finally falls asleep in the surgery.

What happened during the battle of Lexington in Johnny Tremain?

The doctor updates Johnny on the news he’s received: the first shot was fired in Lexington, marking the official start of the Revolutionary War. The British won the battle with a handful of colonials being killed.

What happens in chapter 12 of Johnny Tremain?

Summary: Chapter XII: A Man Can Stand Up Rab gives Johnny his musket, saying that his only regret is that it was never fired in battle. Then he sends Johnny away, asking him to locate his family. No members of Rab’s family are in their house, and Johnny returns, defeated, to learn that Rab has died in his absence.

How does Johnny react to Rab’s decision to leave?

Rab seems to feel no grief and only excitement about leaving, but Johnny is devastated by his friend’s departure. Johnny offers to accompany Rab to Lexington, but Rab gently reminds him that he is more useful as a spy in Boston than as a soldier who cannot shoot a gun.

What does Sam Adams hire Johnny?

As a result, Adams treats Johnny as an equal and hires him to ride for the important Boston Committee of Correspondence, which will later become the Continental Congress. Johnny runs into Cilla and Isannah at the water pump one day.

What happened in Johnny Tremain Chapter 9?

In chapter 9 of Esther Forbes’s Johnny Tremain, Paul Revere organizes an intricate spy system to closely watch the British movements. Immediately upon learning this, Johnny leaves to go tell Paul Revere what he knows. Paul Revere leaves without hesitation, and travels overnight to Portsmouth.

Why does Johnny dream about lobsters?

Johnny had a dream of lobster’s with human eyes getting boiled. It refers to the British, Johnny had this dream because he had lots of British thoughts in his mind. What is the plan for alerting the Minute Men when the British troops start to move? Rab leaves Boston to join the Minute Men in Lexington and Concord.

What is the climax of Johnny Tremain?

The climax of the story occurs when fighting between the American colonists and the British breaks out, and Johnny has a hand in supporting the rebel movement. During this time, Cilla shows that she cares for Johnny in the same way he cares for her. Later in the climax, Johnny learns of his best friend’s, Rab’s, death.

Why didn’t Johnny write down the names of subscribers?

Q. Why wasn’t Johnny allowed to write down anyone’s name who subscribed to the newspaper? The newspaper would be published too late. It could end up in the wrong hands.

What does Dr Warren tell Johnny about the battle?

Doctor Warren packs his medical bag and tells Johnny about the Battle of Lexington, in which about seventy members of the Colonial militia fought roughly seven hundred British regulars. The British won easily and headed for Concord.

What interesting family news does Cilla share with Johnny?

This makes Johnny unaccountably annoyed, and he realizes that Cilla is, in fact, very pretty. She doesn’t have Isannah with her, and he wonders if Isannah was the one who really annoyed him. Cilla gives him news of the Laphams: Dorcas has eloped, and Cilla and Isannah are now living with the Lytes.