Who played Governor Tarkin?

Stephen StantonStar Wars: The Bad Batch
Seth GreenRobot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II
Wilhuff Tarkin/Voiced by

Is Tarkin a governor or Grand Moff?

Introduced in the first film in the original Star Wars trilogy, Grand Moff Tarkin is the Governor of the Imperial Outland Regions and commander of the Death Star.

Who replaced Tarkin?

Grand Moff Ardus Kaine
One of the most powerful of breakaway warlords was Grand Moff Ardus Kaine. The successor of Grand Moff Tarkin created the powerful Pentastar Alignment that solidified Imperial power in the Outer Rim territories but removed a substantial portion of Coruscant’s influence.

What happened to Tarkin?

Grand Moff Tarkin met Chancellor Palpatine, later Emperor Palpatine, when he was a pilot for the Republic’s Outland Regions Security Force. When Luke Skywalker fired the proton torpedo that destroyed the space station, Tarkin was killed in the explosion.

Who ranks higher thrawn or Tarkin?

So excluding Darth Vader, Tarkin was basically second-in-command of the Empire. And therefore higher than the likes of Thrawn. However, in Legends, after the “death” of Palpatine, Thrawn rose to become Supreme Commander of the Imperial remnant.

What rank is Moff Gideon?

The Client had strict orders from Gideon. By circa 9 ABY, Gideon had attained the rank of moff and led a remnant of Imperial forces, having faked his execution for war crimes after the fall of the Empire.

How many grand moffs were in the Empire?

Moff was the rank held by the Sector Governors of the First Galactic Empire. In the fifth year of Emperor Sheev Palpatine’s reign, there was a fixed number of twenty Moffs, who answered to the Imperial Ruling Council. They were appointed by the Emperor. Moff’s were akin to Governor’s of an American State or Territory.

Does Tarkin have a son?

Biff Tarkin was the son of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. He was active in the galaxy before the Battle of Yavin.

Did Tarkin know Obi-Wan?

It demonstrates that Tarkin is aware (1) of recent Jedi history and (2) that Obi-Wan was Vader’s master.

Did Tarkin dislike the Jedi?

During the Republic Era, Tarkin served in the Galactic Republic’s Judicial Department for a time before returning to his homeworld as the Governor of Eriadu. He staunchly opposed the Jedi Order’s role as leaders in the Grand Army of the Republic, believing that peacekeepers should not direct the Republic war effort.

Who is Grand Admiral Tarkin in Star Wars?

The ominous figure first appeared in Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope back in 1977. Portrayed by legendary British actor Peter Cushing, Tarkin is a ruthless military presence in the Galactic Empire and is inextricably linked to the Imperial superweapon,…

Who is Grand Moff Tarkin in the Star Wars movies?

Introduced in the first film in the original Star Wars trilogy, Grand Moff Tarkin is the Governor of the Imperial Outland Regions, and commander of the Death Star.

What happened to General Tarkin after the war?

Tarkin ultimately perished, however, when the Alliance to Restore the Republic succeeded in destroying the station at the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY. As a result, his memory was tarnished in the views of some Imperial officers, such as Grand General Cassio Tagge, who referred to the Death Star as “Tarkin’s folly.”

What is the last Star Wars movie with Tarkin in it?

Revenge of the Sith. At the end of Revenge of the Sith, the final film in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, a younger version of Tarkin makes a cameo appearance overseeing the original Death Star’s construction, standing beside Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.