Who is the strongest character in machine doll WA Kizutsukanai?

Edward Rutherford
Name (Japanese) エドワード・ラザフォード
Name (Romaji) Edowādo Razafōdo
Nickname Gramps Ed
Epithet Sly Old Fox The Strongest Mage of the 19th Century The Most Powerful Mage of the 19th Century (Funimation) Monster

Is machine doll WA Kizutsukanai worth watching?

Fantastic show, I would definitely recommend watching it if you are into: A powerful main character (not OP), a romance/harem (not what the story is mainly about, but still present quite often), a whole bunch of unique characters, and comedy that happens all over the place.

Who is the villain in Unbreakable Machine-Doll?

Raishin Akabane
Age 9 12 14/15 (During the time of the Akabane Clan’s Massacre) 17 (Present)
Nationality Japanese
Year 2nd Year (Admitted)
Rank 1235th/1236 (Original) 100th/1236 (After defeating Felix Kingsfort)

Is Unbreakable Machine-Doll ecchi?

While Unbreakable Machine-Doll isn’t bad, it’s far from being the “Ecchi anime with a fantastic story” that some claim it to be.

Is machine-doll a good anime?

We got a lot of backstory on all of the main characters like Charl, Frey, Henri, partly Yaya, and a good amount of Raishin. I really loved all the characters, especially Yaya, and they just made the show that much funnier and more action packed. Overall: 8. Overall, this show was a very fun show to watch.

Who is Magnus in the anime?

Magnus is a One-man Force ( ひとり軍隊 ワンマンフォース , Hitori Guntai (Wanman Fōsu)?, lit. “One Person Armed Force”) who controls the Squadron simultaneously. He is the most sterling student in the Academy, being hailed a genius since he began studying in it, and is considered to be the closest person to win the Wiseman’s Throne.