Which station is haunted in Mumbai?

Mulund Railway Station, Mumbai Mulund Railway Station is another haunted railway station on the central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway Station. Locals say the evil spirits of people who died while crossing the road haunt them in and around the railway tracks at midnight.

Who is Maan Kapya?

There are tales of Maan Kapya, the headless hunter who would behead lone wanderers by trapping them in the labyrinth of alleys in Khotachiwadi. Pop culture, legend and lore have created their own rulebook for members of Mumbai’s afterlife.

What is the story of bhangarh fort?

The Bhangarh fort was built by the Kachwaha ruler of Amber, Raja Bhagwant Singh, for his younger son Madho Singh in 1573 AD. Madho Singh’s brother was the celebrated Man Singh, who was Akbar’s general. Madho Singh was succeeded by his son Chatr Singh. It was Chatr Singh’s son Ajab Singh who built the fort of Ajabgarh.

Is Naini railway station haunted?

Naini Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh Though people haven’t particularly ‘seen’ figures or shadows, a ghostly presence has been felt here; possibly of the unfortunate souls of the freedom fighters who perished in Naini Jail, not too far from the station.

Why is it called Shaitan Chowki?

His terrified mother frantically dragged him home every evening. “After sunset the maan-kapya (headless neck hunter) was supposed to behead lone wanderers. The only police station in the vicinity was in Mahim, and the police, even then, were no use. That is how this place got its name — Shaitan Chowki,” grins Kavli.

Which is the safest area in Mumbai?

Below is a list of the best areas to live in Mumbai based on transport availability, lifestyle, safety, and affordability:

  • Bandra.
  • Andheri.
  • South Mumbai.
  • Juhu.
  • Navi Mumbai.
  • Goregaon.
  • Parel / Lower Parel.

Is Dunvegan Bridge the most haunted bridge in Canada?

Located in the unincorporated community of Dunvegan, Alberta, Canada, Dunvegan Bridge is a relatively new structure. Completed in 1960, the bridge is one the largest suspension bridges in all of Canada. It may also be the country’s most haunted.

What is the creepiest haunted bridge in the world?

Top 10 Creepy Haunted Bridges. 1 10 The Old Alton Bridge. Photo credit: Renelibrary. 2 9 Hell’s Bridge. 3 8 Donkey Lady Bridge. 4 7 The Haunted Bridge. 5 6 Poinsett Bridge.

How many haunted bridges are there in Texas?

The following 10 bridges serve as the backdrops for numerous ghost stories, all of which are guaranteed to frighten gephyrophobes and non-gephyrophobes alike. Located near the cities of Denton and Copper Canyon, Texas, the Old Alton Bridge was originally built by the King Iron Bridge Manufacturing Company as a way to transport people and cattle.

Are “crybaby bridges” haunted?

In every state in the US, there are so-called “crybaby bridges.” Earning their titles from reported accounts of hearing strange baby cries during the night, these structures are supposedly haunted by the ghosts of dead (sometimes murdered) children. In Salem, Ohio, a crybaby bridge can be found just off of Egypt Road.