Which of the following is an advantage of harmonizing accounting standards worldwide?

The most important advantage of the harmonization of accounting standards is that it enhances the comparability of accounting reports and statements across companies and industries on a global level. They cannot compare the financial reports of companies domestically as well as internationally.

Why is harmonization necessary in accounting?

The first and most important advantage of harmonization of reporting standards is to achieve comparability in financial statements. Due to different sets of financial reporting standards, the way financial statements prepared and presented are different from each other which make it complicated to compare them.

What are the main benefits of international harmonization of auditing standards?

The three main advantages of a single set of international accounting standards are (1) an increased comparability between firms, which reduces investor risk and facilitates cross-border financing and investment; (2) a reduction in the cost of preparing consolidated financial statements for multinational firms; and (3) …

What are the disadvantages of harmonizing financial statements?

One of the criticisms of harmonized accounting standards is that the IASB has failed to fully take into account the cultural, political and social differences between countries.

What are the advantages of harmonization?

Benefits of Harmonization consist of comparability of international financial information, conserving time and money, enhancing accounting standards and making better decisions according to consolidated information.

What is the difference between harmonization and standardization in accounting?

ABSTRACT The main difference between harmonization and standardization processes lies in the degree of strictness of the accounting standards. Harmonization involves a reduction in accounting variations, while standardization entails moving towards the eradication of any variation.

What do you understand by harmonization of financial reporting?

Harmonization of financial statements refers to financial reporting that is based on international accounting standards that are accepted across the globe. The international business community recognized the need for uniform accounting standards.

What are disadvantages of accounting standards?

Ans: One of the major disadvantages of accounting standards is that they can be restrictive and inflexible. Each company faces unique situations and financial transactions.

What is the difference between harmonization and convergence of accounting standards?

Harmonisation refers to all the efforts aimed at reducing diversity in accounting practices across the globe while convergence refers to measures adopted by individual countries in the course of moving from national GAAP to IFRS.

What is the difference between Harmonisation and Standardisation of accounting standards?

What are the challenges in the harmonization of accounting practices?

Difficulties in Harmonization of Accounting Standards:

  • Provincialism: Many countries hold provincial outlook in many spheres.
  • Differences in Economic and Social Environment: ADVERTISEMENTS:
  • Diverse Accounting Practices:
  • Gaps between Developed and Developing Countries: