Which NCAA football teams are undefeated?

The 9 remaining undefeated teams in college football

  • UTSA Roadrunners.
  • SDSU Aztecs.
  • SMU Mustangs.
  • Wake Forest Demon Deacons.
  • Michigan State Spartans.
  • Michigan Wolverines.
  • Oklahoma Sooners.
  • Cincinnati Bearcats.

Who won college football in 2011?

Auburn beats Oregon 22-19 to win BCS national college football championship.

Who was the last college football team to go undefeated in a season?

The 1933 Tiger gridders were the nation’s last college football team to complete a season undefeated, untied, and unscored upon.

Which NFL team is undefeated?

Only one team in the history of the NFL has had a perfect season. The 1972 Miami Dolphins have been written about, spoken about in hushed tones, and studied for their secrets.

Who was the best college team in 2011?

AP Poll

Preseason Aug 20 Week 14 Dec 4
1. Oklahoma (36) LSU (13–0) (60)
2. Alabama (17) Alabama (11–1)
3. Oregon (4) Oklahoma State (11–1)
4. LSU (1) Stanford (11–1)

Who won the Big 10 Championship 2011?

Wisconsin Badgers
It was played on December 3, 2011, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, to determine the 2011 champion of the Big Ten Conference. The Wisconsin Badgers of the Leaders Division beat the Michigan State Spartans of the Legends Division by a score of 42–39.

What college football team had the best season ever?

Winning the first national championship under the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant, Alabama’s 1961 team is considered by many to be the greatest in school history. The Crimson Tide went 11-0 that year, scoring 297 points and allowing their opposition to score just 25 points for the entire season.

How many undefeated teams are in the NFL?

seven undefeated teams
4. Ranking the NFL’s seven undefeated teams.

Who was the worst team in 2011?

No. 1: Buffalo Bills. The worst team in the NFL for 2011 is (drum roll) the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills had a great first pick in this year’s draft.

What was the first NFL team to have an undefeated record?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 1920 Akron Pros compiled an undefeated record in the NFL’s inaugural season. Jim Kiick rushing the ball for Miami in Super Bowl VII. The win capped a perfect season for the 1972 team.

How many times has the last undefeated team won the Super Bowl?

The last team in a new season to suffer a loss has won the Super Bowl twelve times. Before the Super Bowl era, the last undefeated team won fourteen Championship games, four of which were in the AFL.

How many teams have never lost a game with a 10-0 record?

They never lost a game but did end one game in a tie. Since 1990, nine teams have started off the season with a 10-0 record. Of those, only three have made it to 14-0 in a season, and they include the 2007 New England Patriots, the 2009 Indianapolis Colts, and the 2015 Carolina Panthers.

How many American football teams have had a perfect season?

There have been no perfect seasons (or even perfect regular seasons) in the American Association, World Football League, United States Football League, XFL, or, to date, the Arena Football League or Alliance of American Football.