Where did Castlemartyr get its name?

The castle from which the village of Castlemartyr takes its name was first built in 1210 by The Knights Templar, who were one of the most famous of the Christian military orders under the leadership of Richard Earl de Clare, more commonly known as Strongbow.

Who built Castlemartyr?

The castle was first built in 1210 by the Knights Templar under leadership of Richard Earl de Clare, also known as Strongbow. By the mid 15th century, the castle was the seat for the local seneschal appointed by James, Earl of Ormond.

How old is Castlemartyr?

Today the resort comprises the 800-year-old castle (or keep) and the 17th-Century country manor house, out of which extend a couple of modern wings.

Who owns Castlemartyr?

Singapore-based Stanley Quek and Peng Loh have acquired the resort, to add to an Irish portfolio that includes Sheen Falls and the Trinity Townhouse Hotel in Dublin city centre. Castlemartyr Resort employs 250 full- and part-time staff in high season and is one of the biggest employers in the area.

How many rooms does garryvoe hotel have?

85 rooms
The Garryvoe has 85 rooms, 15 sea-facing.

Is Castlemartyr a town?

Castlemartyr (Irish: Baile na Martra, formerly anglicised as Ballymarter or Ballymartyr) is a village in East Cork, County Cork, Ireland. It is located 25 minutes east of Cork city, 10 km (6 mi) east of Midleton, 16 km (10 mi) west of Youghal and 6 km (4 mi) from the coast.

Who owns garryvoe hotel?

There is a generosity of spirit too in The Garryvoe both with Stephen Belton, the General Manager, and proprietors, John and Carmel O’Brien, who also own the Bayview Hotel in Ballycotton. Garryvoe is just beside Ballymaloe and Shanagarry and is a superb place to stay.

What time is high tide in garryvoe today?

High 07:16pm *Tide times are provided by TideTime.org and based on the nearest calculated point – this can differ by up to half and hour depending on distance.

What time does the tide go out in garryvoe?

7 day tide forecast for Garryvoe 2021

Fri Sat Sun
Low 02:22am (0.99m) High 08:21am (3.75m) Low 02:48pm (1.07m) High 08:40pm (3.64m) Low 03:05am (1.07m) High 09:06am (3.66m) Low 03:33pm (1.14m) High 09:28pm (3.54m) Low 03:54am (1.14m) High 09:57am (3.58m) Low 04:25pm (1.21m) High 10:23pm (3.46m)

What is high tide mean?

high tide in American English 1. the highest level to which the tide rises; high water. 2. the time when the tide is at this level. see also spring tide.

Is the tide in or out Waterford?

The tide is currently rising in Waterford. As you can see on the tide chart, the highest tide of 4.8m was at 5:59am and the lowest tide of 2.1m was at 12:23pm.

What time is high tide in Schull?

Here are the predicted tides for Schull….Schull Tidal Predictions.

Tide Times UTC:
Low 06:13 1.14m
High 12:19 2.87m
Low 18:47 1.09m