Where can I dive in La Jolla Cove?

The best scuba diving in La Jolla is in the protected marine sanctuaries giant kelp forest. Access this site from the La Jolla Cove beach. The heart of the action is at Rock Pile, due North of the beach about a quarter mile. The kelp stretches from the sea floor right up to the ocean’s surface.

How much does it cost to scuba dive in San Diego?

Private Guided Shore Dives*

1 Diver 2 Divers
1 Dive $ 109 $ 99
2 Dives $ 159 $ 144
3 Dives $ 209 $ 189

Is San Diego good for scuba diving?

Scuba Diving in San Diego Along with its amazing weather and lively nightlife, it is one of the preferred places to visit by almost any traveler. While San Diego is known for those elements, it’s also known for its nice diving sites. Whether it be kelp forests or underwater canyons and wrecks, they’re so much to see!

How deep is the water at La Jolla Cove?

600 feet
4. You can explore one of the region’s only underwater canyons. Within the Ecological Reserve, the bottom takes a sudden and drastic 500-foot- plunge into the La Jolla Underwater Canyon (which reaches depths of up to 600 feet!).

Are there sharks at La Jolla Cove?

La Jolla Cove has a history of shark attacks. Luckily, the only sharks we see at the Cove nowadays are the harmless leopard sharks. In fact, you can even swim and snorkel with the La Jolla leopard sharks thanks to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps!

Do I need a wetsuit to snorkel in La Jolla?

Trust us, if you plan on snorkeling, grab a wetsuit before you head over to La Jolla. Neoprene can help maintain your body’s warmth as well as provide a bit of extra buoyancy. During the cold winter months, we would suggest wearing a 7mm wetsuit.

Where can I dive in San Diego?

The 6 Best Dive Sites in San Diego

  1. La Jolla Shores Canyon. Source. La Jolla Shores is a slanted entry into the Pacific Ocean, where divers can find rays and angel fish along the sand shores.
  2. La Jolla Cove and Giant Kelp Forest. Source.
  3. Wreck Alley. Source.
  4. Point Loma. Source.
  5. Marine Room Reef Dives. Source.
  6. Islas Coronados. Source.

Can you go snorkeling in San Diego?

Snorkeling in San Diego is fantastic. Sites with the best snorkeling are accessible right from the shore in La Jolla’s marine park. Choose to jump in with sea lions or explore the sea caves. Brave snorkelers can check out the local leopard sharks and stingrays.

Are there sharks near La Jolla?

Leopard sharks are back off the coast of La Jolla—and they’re here in big numbers. The sharks are considered to be harmless to humans and love this spot because of the warm and calm water.

Can you swim La Jolla Cove?

Pretty much the only thing you can do at La Jolla Cove is swim. Because of these restrictions, garibaldi and other marine life run aplenty; visitors have reported seeing octopus, stingrays, swell sharks, sea slugs, sea stars, urchins, and large schools of fish.