When did Laclede Gas become Spire?

Laclede Gas Co. officially will change its name to Spire on Sept. 25. Shareholders last year approved changing the name of the parent company from The Laclede Group to Spire Inc.

Who did Spire buyout?

Mississippi-based C Spire announced this week that it has completed its buyout of local telecommunications provider Troy Cablevision, a deal that also includes Union Springs Telephone Company.

Is Spire a monopoly?

Spire is the only natural gas distributor in its franchised area in Missouri making it a regulated monopoly in the area. Like all utility companies, Spire is exposed to some level of regulatory risk.

Is Spire A Laclede Gas?

Laclede Gas is now Spire Because serving you is what we do. We’ll continue to take care of your energy needs so you can focus on what matters most. Ready to get started?

What is Spire Architecture?

spire, in architecture, steeply pointed pyramidal or conical termination to a tower. In its mature Gothic development, the spire was an elongated, slender form that was a spectacular visual culmination of the building as well as a symbol of the heavenly aspirations of pious medieval men.

Who founded Spire?

It has launched more than 140 satellites to orbit since its creation….Spire Global.

Type Public
Founder Peter Platzer, Joel Spark, Jeroen Cappaert
Number of locations 6 (2019)
Area served Worldwide
Key people Peter Platzer (CEO)

Is BUPA and spire the same?

LONDON – Bupa Hospitals has rebranded as Spire Healthcare following its £1.44bn takeover by private equity firm Cinven. The new identity, created by design agency Designhouse, was chosen to reflect the company’s desire to grow its business and also to reinforce a leadership position in the market.

Does Spire do propane?

Energy solutions that meet your needs In addition, when propane runs out, replacing your supply comes with large, upfront costs.

Is Alagasco now spire?

The company said the it is now the fifth-largest publicly traded natural gas utility in the United States. Spire has 3,300 employees nationwide. “We’re becoming Spire to serve people even better.