What year did the Bears go 16 0?

There are two seasons during that time, however, that deserve attention. In 1934, and again in 1942, the Bears posted undefeated and untied regular season records….

1942 Bears
Oct. 11 Chicago Cardinals 41-14
Oct. 18 New York Giants 26-7
Oct. 25 Philadelphia Eagles 45-14
Nov. 1 Detroit Lions 16-0

What was the Chicago Bears worst season?

1969 season
By chance, these two decades—the 1970s and 1990s—are the only decades in the Bears history that the franchise has not won or played for an NFL Championship or Super Bowl. In the 1969 season, the franchise posted their worst regular season record with a 1–13 showing.

What year did the Chicago Bears go undefeated?

The 1985 Chicago Bears are one of the few teams to consistently challenge the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins for the unofficial title of the greatest NFL team of all time.

When did Chicago Bears win Super Bowl?

January 26, 1986
January 26, 1986 The NFC champion Chicago Bears, seeking their first NFL title since 1963, scored a Super Bowl-record 46 points in downing AFC champion New England 46-10 in Super Bowl XX.

What is the Chicago Bears best record?

  1. 1985 Chicago Bears (15-1) 11 of 11. #34 – Walter PaytonGeorge Rose/Getty Images.
  2. 1986 Chicago Bears (14-2) 10 of 11.
  3. 1990 Chicago Bears (11-5) 9 of 11.
  4. 2006 Chicago Bears (13-3) 8 of 11.
  5. 2001 Chicago Bears (13-3) 7 of 11.
  6. 1987 Chicago Bears (11-4) 6 of 11.
  7. 2005 Chicago Bears (11-5) 5 of 11.
  8. 1988 Chicago Bears (12-4) 4 of 11.

When were the Chicago Bears good?

The Greatest Bears Teams in History: The 1940 Chicago Bears. Why 1940 over 1985? Because this was the season that George Halas changed football (again) with the introduction of the “T” Formation in the NFL Championship Game. Oh, and the Bears set the record for largest margin of victory in that season, as well.

How many times did the Chicago Bears go to the Super Bowl?

The Chicago Bears have appeared in the Super Bowl 3 times, in 1963, 1985 and 2006.

What was the 2015 Chicago Bears season?

The 2015 Chicago Bears season was the franchise’s 96th season in the National Football League.

What does John Fox’s hiring mean for the Chicago Bears?

After the firing of general manager Phil Emery and head coach Marc Trestman following the 2014 season, the team hired former New Orleans Saints director of player personnel Ryan Pace and Denver Broncos head coach John Fox to fill those positions, respectively. Fox’s hiring marked the Bears’ third head coach in four seasons.

What picks did the Chicago Blackhawks have at the 2015 draft?

Below are the Chicago Blackhawks’ selections at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, to be held on June 26–27, 2015 at the BB Center in Sunrise, Florida . The Chicago Blackhawks ‘ first-round pick went the Arizona Coyotes as the result of a trade on February 28, 2015, that sent Antoine Vermette to Chicago in exchange for Klas Dahlbeck and this pick.

How many free agents do the Bears have in 2018?

The Bears entered the new league year with 23 free agents, three of whom were exclusive rights free agents. The NFL’s deadline to apply the franchise tag to players was on March 2, though the Bears did not tag any players. Free agency officially began on March 10.