What weight are R300 shafts?

True Temper AMT RED

R300 94-106g High
S300 94-106g High

What is the difference between S300 and R300 shafts?

The only difference between the two is the weight, and with the retail tolerances,. some R300 and S300 will be almost identical. The shafts are not frequency tested for flex.

What does R300 mean?

The R300 or Kuils River Freeway (also Cape Flats Freeway) is a Regional Route in the Cape Metropole, South Africa that connects Mitchells Plain with the N2, Kuils River, and the N1 at Bellville. The R300 is a freeway for its entire length; it forms part of the proposed Peninsula Expressway.

How heavy are Projectx shafts?

The lightest Project X shafts come in at 110-grams and 5.0 or regular flex. The 5.5 stiff shafts weight 115-grams. Stiff+, 6.0, shafts weight 120-grams and 6.5 or extra-stiff shafts weigh 125-grams.

What Flex is R300?

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What weight are Dynamic Gold S300 shafts?

130 grams
Because the weight can differ slightly during production — and because Dynamic Gold is a weight-sorted product — the standard stiff flex is broken out into three sub-flexes: S200 (127 grams), S300 (130 grams) and S400 (134 grams).

What is Alta CB shaft?

Alta CB Slate Shaft The PING Alta CB Slate (SR, R, S, X) is the standard shaft in the G425 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, crossovers and irons. Continuing PING’s belief in counter-balanced technology, the driver shaft is engineered with an 8-gram plug in the end of the shaft to deliver more momentum and forgiveness.

What Flex is a R300 shaft?

370″ Steel Iron Shafts R300 Flex – 370 tip (41″) 3C1M | The GolfWorks.