What tubes are in a Marshall DSL40C?

The Marshall DSL40C Tube Set consists of 4 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 x EL34 power tubes in a matched pair.

What Speaker is in a Marshall DSL40?

The DSL40 has been designed with a 12” G-12 v-type speaker for those who need exceptional tone and flexibility. With rich functionality including the ability to move between two sounds within each gain channel, players can experiment and release their personality through sound.

How much does a Marshall DSL40C weigh?

Tech Specs Weight: 50.4 lbs.

Where is the DSL40 made?

This 100% tube amp is made in Indonesia while the previous version was built in Vietnam. The new DSL40, the DSL40C has been on the market for just over 3 years. The Marshall DSL40CR is based on the classic JCM2000 DSL model.

What does presence and resonance do?

The resonance and presence controls sit in the power amp section of the amplifier. They allow you to fine tune the bass and treble response of the power section. This is important when dialing in your tone because it has an effect on how specific frequency bands feel.

Is Marshall DSL40C a tube amp?

The Marshall DSL40C is 40 watt (switchable to 20 watt) all-tube combo guitar amplifier featuring footswitchable classic and ultra gain channels, effects loop, and controls for Gain, Volume, and Reverb for each channel, as well as global Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, and Resonance controls.

Who uses Marshall DSL amps?

With over 20 years on stages around the world, and as the weapon of choice for Jeff Beck, Richie Sambora, Alex Deadman (Lady Bird), Shauna Tohill (Rews) and Gary Moore; the DSL is sure to be a standard for many more to come.

Where Are Marshall amps manufactured?

as far as I know, only the MG series are made in China. The others are made in the UK. Also MA and Haze are made in teh Far East.

What is bias on an amp?

Tube Amp Bias is an electronic process that ensures the power amp tubes in your valve amp run at their optimimum capacity so that you can get the best possible guitar tone out of them. It ensures the tubes are fed the correct voltage according the valves resistance rating.

What is presence on an amp?

In an amplifier, a presence control boosts the upper mid-range frequencies to make the sounds of voices and instruments with similar tonal ranges seem more “present”. On television production studio’s sound desk, there can be several presence controls, for several different, switchable, frequencies.