What subjects are taught in Portugal?

Subjects include Portuguese and two foreign languages, plus mathematics, natural sciences, physics, chemistry, social sciences and a choice of art. Physical, moral and civic education completes the curriculum, plus light technical orientation to perhaps unlock a talent for a vocation.

How long is a school year in Portugal?

How long is the school year in Portugal? – Quora. It’s approximately 9 months. From September until June, with holidays and breaks in between. This applies to pretty much all education levels, including university.

Does Portugal have a good education system?

Portugal’s higher education system itself ranked the 35th best in the world in the first edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. Alongside its top universities, Portugal is also home to several reputable polytechnics, which focus on preparing students for a specific career path.

How do I go to school in Portugal?

To study at the Bachelor level in Portugal, students will need to present a transcript of an upper secondary education, and in some institutions, foreign students must also pass an entrance exam. EU students can sometimes forgo this test and present final examination results from their home country.

Is homeschooling legal in Portugal?

Is Homeschooling Legal in Portugal? Yes, not only is homeschooling legal in Portugal, but it is also regulated. This means that there are certain steps you need to take in order to get it right. Do not worry though, all you have to do is to make sure you legalize your homeschooling.

Is English taught in Portuguese schools?

Some teachers in Portuguese public schools speak English, but not all of them. The curriculum is taught in Portuguese, and expat parents considering sending their child to a public school should look into what possibilities exist to overcome the language barrier and to support the learning process.

Does Portugal have English schools?

Here are a few British international schools in Portugal: British School of Lisbon. St. Julian’s School – just outside Lisbon.

Are international schools free in Portugal?

Public schools up to this education level are free for all citizens and foreign residents. Private schools, on the other hand, can be quite costly. Prices will vary from school to school, but on average, you will pay between 400 and 500 EUR (440–550 USD) a month for private schooling, from primary level to high school.

Do schools in Portugal speak English?

Option 2 : International schools in Portugal Courses are usually taught in English and in some schools even in Portuguese for the younger students.

Is college free in Portugal?

Public Portuguese universities and polytechnics are free to decide the amount of tuition fees (called “propinas”) students have to pay. Full time students enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s programs are charged an average tuition fee of approximately 950 – 1250 EUR per academic year.

Are there American schools in Portugal?

Carlucci American International School of Lisbon – the only school in Portugal recognized by the US Department of State. International Christian School of Cascais – located just outside of Lisbon.

What colleges are in Portugal?

Private universities Autonomous University de Lisboa Catholic University of Portugal (includes polytechnic schools) Universidade Europeia Fernando Pessoa University (Porto and Ponte de Lima ) (includes polytechnic schools) Lusíada University (Lisbon, Porto and Vila Nova de Famalicão)

When do kids start school in Portugal?

School generally tends to start at around 8.45 am and finishes at 16.45. Children are entitled to a lunch break of one hour and two 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon. Holidays in Portugal. The school semester usually starts between the 8th and 13th of September.

How many years do kids go to school in Portugal?

In Portugal, Basic Education consists of nine years of schooling divided into three sequential cycles of education of four, two and three years. Children aged six by 15 September must be enrolled in their first school year in that calendar year.

What age do you go to school in Portugal?

Portugal has a mixed public-private school system.

  • School is mandatory from six to 18 years of age.
  • Public education is free with the exception of universities,for which you have to pay a relatively small fee.
  • Some of Portugal’s universities feature in the QS World University Rankings.