What programming language does TI 89 use?

The TI-89 is directly programmable in a language called TI-BASIC 89, TI’s derivative of BASIC for calculators. With the use of a PC, it is also possible to develop more complex programs in Motorola 68000 assembly language or C, translate them to machine language, and copy them to the calculator.

How do you program a TI 89 calculator?

How to enter a new program

  1. While on the Home screen, hit APPS. Open the PROGRAM EDITOR menu.
  2. Type in the name of the program in the box labeled VARIABLE. Choose a descriptive name up to 7 letters.
  3. Now you are ready to type in each line of your program. You will notice that some lines have already appeared.

What does syntax mean on TI 89?

6. TI 89 Syntax Error. Problem: your calculator gives you a “Syntax Error” when you try to solve a series of arguments. Solution: Double check your inputs: A syntax error is usually due to missing parentheses to open and close your arguments.

How do I connect my ti 89 to my computer?

If you are using the TI-84 Plus, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, or TI-89 Titanium, connect the TI USB Cable to the USB port of your computer and to the USB port at the top edge of your graphing calculator.

Is ti-basic similar to Python?

The new model offers Python which means students can use a general programming knowledge rather than something specialized, i.e. TI-BASIC. “TI-Python is based on CircuitPython, a variant of Python 3 for teaching coding. It was developed by Adafruit and adapted for use by TI.

Can you program a TI-89?

Programming Basics on the TI-89 and Voyage 200 You can find your calculator’s program editor on the applications menu. On older calculators, this will be a drop-down menu reached by pressing the APPS button. Press ENTER to open the Program Editor once you select it. You will be prompted to name your new program.

What does domain error mean on TI-89?

How do I correct a Window variables domain error on the TI-89 family, TI-92 family, and Voyage 200 graphing calculators? The Window variables domain error occurs when the minimum value for x or y is larger than the maximum value. Edit the window values to resolve this error.

Why does my calculator say invalid dimensions?

The ERR:INVALID DIMENSION error message may occur if you are trying to graph a function that does not involve the stat plot features. The error can be corrected by turning off the stat plots. The solve( function or the equation solver has exceeded the maximum number of permitted iterations.

Is a ti84 allowed on the ACT?

The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator is allowed during the entire portion of the math section of the ACT. You can use your TI graphing calculator to work through problems more efficiently, help verify answers, and model a difficult word problem.