What planet is the Dark Crystal on?

Thra is the name of the world created by Jim Henson for the film The Dark Crystal. It is a planet with three suns: the Great Sun, the Rose Sun and the Dying Sun. The main landmark of the planet is the Castle of the Crystal which houses the Dark Crystal itself.

What Gelfling clan is Kira?

Kira was a female Gelfling who was raised by the Podlings after her clan had been destroyed during the Garthim War. One of the last of her kind, she joined fellow survivor Jen in his quest to heal the Crystal and put an end to Skeksis tyranny.

Is thra real?

The True History of Thra was a theatrical play based on operatic singing and puppetry, devised and performed by skekGra the Heretic and urGoh the Wanderer.

Is Aughra dead?

After a lengthy struggle, Aughra was disintegrated and her essence absorbed by skekMal, who seemingly died in the process. The Hunter would eventually regain consciousness and join his comrades in the Second Battle of Stone-in-the-Wood, but died when urVa the Archer took his own life.

Is Dark Crystal based on a book?

The novel series consists of four books: Shadows of the Dark Crystal, released on June 28, 2016; Song of the Dark Crystal, released July 18, 2017; Tides of the Dark Crystal, released December 24, 2018; and Flames of the Dark Crystal, released on August 27, 2019.

Why did Netflix cancel Dark Crystal?

Although The Dark Crytal has captured the hearts of many viewers, Netflix has still opted to cancel the fantasy adventure series. One of the many reasons for its cancellation is its expensive production. Moreover, the show also reportedly hired 2,500 people into the set to bring the prequel to life.

Is Jen the son of Rian Dark Crystal?

Even though Rian will ultimately fail in healing the crystal because he isn’t the prophesied hero meant to restore Thra’s balance, he will succeed through Jen if he is officially confirmed to be Rian’s son.

Why do only female Gelflings have wings?

Gelfling are a race of elf-like creatures native to the planet of Thra. Ages ago, Gelfling could fly. However, the female Gelflings have developed wings that allow them to glide and flutter. Males do not have wings and free flight is not possible.

Will there be a Dark Crystal Season 2?

Unfortunately, Netflix was not as ready to go as the creatives. A year after the interview, and the release of the series, the streaming service announced The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance would not be returning for a second season.

What clan was Jen from?

Jen was a male Gelfling who was raised by the urRu after his clan was destroyed during the Garthim War.

Will there be a Dark Crystal season 2?