What legislative district is Bellingham?

Washington’s Second Congressional District is comprised of the whole of San Juan and Island Counties as well as the communities that line the I-5 corridor, from Mountlake Terrace in the south to Bellingham in the north. The Second District is one of the most scenic and diverse districts in the United States.

How many voting districts are in Washington state?

at the state level, each of the 49 legislative districts contains approximately 137,236 people.

Who is the representative for King County?

Members of the 67th Legislature 2021-2022

District Member Counties
District 28 Member Bronoske, Dan (D) Counties Pierce (P)
District 29 Member Morgan, Melanie (D) Counties Pierce (P)
District 29 Member Kirby, Steve (D) Counties Pierce (P)
District 30 Member Taylor, Jamila (D) Counties King (P), Pierce (P)

What district is Whidbey Island?

Washington’s 2nd congressional district includes all of Island and San Juan counties, and neighboring areas on the mainland, from Bellingham in the north to Lynnwood in the south.

What congressional district is Republic WA in?

Washington’s 10th congressional district is a congressional district in western Washington….

Washington’s 10th congressional district
Representative Marilyn Strickland D–Tacoma
Area 827 sq mi (2,140 km2)
Distribution 92.0% urban 8.0% rural
Population (2019) 770,391

What district is Rick Larsen?

Representative (D-WA 2nd District) since 2001
Rick Larsen/Office

How are Washington state legislative districts determined?

The state’s congressional districts are determined by a four-member Washington State Redistricting Commission that is appointed every ten years. Two members are appointed by both of the state’s legislative branches, with the majority leader and minority leader from each selecting one person.

What does the King County executive do?

The Executive office directly oversees how we operate and provides funding for: King County Metro and Sound Transit. Our adult and juvenile jail, law enforcement, and court systems (currently 73% of our general fund’s budget) Public Health.

Who represents Bellevue WA?

Washington’s 9th congressional district
Representative Adam Smith D–Bellevue
Population (2019) 751,595
Median household income $90,353
Ethnicity 49.7% White 21.2% Asian 11.8% Hispanic 11.17% Black 5.8% other 5.6% Two or more races 0.8% Native American