What legends go good with octane?

If you are going into a game with a preset squad, it may be best to play Wraith and Pathfinder along with Octane. The reason for this is that they are the most mobile legends, who will be able to compliment your play style. Both Pathfinder and Wraith’s abilities allow them to move, and their teammates faster.

What is the best gun for octane?

We found that the best loadout to use with Octane is an SMG paired with a shotgun or an automatic rifle paired with a Wingman. Octane isn’t the best with LMGs or snipers due to his fast movement, which can make landing shots difficult.

Who is the best octane player?

[10] Apex Legends Best Octane Players

  • 7) Missing Mirage Voyage by iM AbusiiVe.
  • 6) “I Have the High Ground” by Lord_Spinks.
  • 5) Fragging Bunker by Viss TSM.
  • 4) “I Need Health” by TSM_Thump.
  • 3) “What is this Character!?” by TSM Diegosaurs.
  • 2) Full Send for the Win by NRG_Dizzy.
  • 1)“What a Rush!” by Giancalao.

How do you play good octane?

Octane tips and tricks

  1. Don’t be afraid to use Stim. Respawn Entertainment Octane’s Stim ability has a two-second cooldown.
  2. Look for flanks on enemies. Respawn Entertainment Octane has some of the best movement-based abilities in Apex, so make the most of them.
  3. Use his movement abilities as a getaway option.

What drug does octane use?

But he doesn’t go on to use the drug to run faster–Octane just celebrates the rush of the Stim coursing through his veins. It’s the first time we see Octane use Stim recreationally. Both in-game and in cinematic trailers, he’s only used Stim as a means of achieving greater speed in a pinch.

Is octane better than Bangalore?

It seems we both agree that Octane seems to outclass Bangalore in most ways. For example, Octane’s tactical ability where he gains a speed boost is almost the exact same thing as Bangalore’s passive where she gains a speed boost.

Is Octane a good legend?

If you prefer a character that can run fast and also heal over time, Octane is the one for you. His passive allows him to restore health while he’s not taking damage, which is already a great foundation, but there’s still more to him.

Where is Nicewigg?

Moving on, Nicewigg is based in York Town and has American nationality. Also, his real name is Jack Martin.

What is octanes speed boost?

Octane’s Stim allows you to move faster with a gun than other characters can run while holstered. Octane’s Passive will not heal you while you are Stimming, so you’ll need to give yourself time to heal between Stims to replenish your Health. Make use of the speed bonus.

Is Octane a girl?

Gender Male
Age 24
Home World Psamathe

Does octane have ADHD?

A big reason why Octane turned to extreme sports and adrenaline-pumping activities was due to him often getting bored and being unable to sit still. These types of behaviors have often been linked to ADHD, and instead of receiving medication from his parents, he turned to near-death experiences.