What kind of processor does the Fujitsu Q702 have?

In terms of hardware, the Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 offers various Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors, as well as systems with Intel’s vPro technology that is suited mostly for the needs of corporations. The graphics chip is Intel HD Graphics 4000, which has enough power for office work and watching movies.

Is the Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 the multi-talent in the office?

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 wants to be the multi-talent in the office. The concept is versatile in every way: it can be used as a tablet or a notebook, features touch operation with fingers or a pen and has a keyboard dock. Our review reveals whether this design proves useful in daily tasks.

How much does stylistic Q702 cost?

So far, it sounds like an all-round package for the business sector, which can also be configured and adapted to the diverse needs of the specific users. However, this comes at a price: firms or interested private users must pay between 1300 and 1800 Euros (~$1724 to $2387) for the Stylistic Q702.

How to use the stylistic Q702 with your SD card?

Simply put in your SD card in the STYLISTIC Q702 and go. Purchase either the Essential Starter Kit or the Extended Starter Kit. These kits are specially put together and presented to you at a better value to expand the capabilities of your PCs.

What happens when the Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 is docked?

When the Fujitsu Stylistic Q702 is docked to the keyboard, a number of additional interfaces become available: a VGA, a LAN, and two more USB ports. A really good idea is the digital pen that is stored in the keyboard dock. When it is needed, a button pushes the pen out.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Q702 worth it?

Except for the screen resolution, the Q702 is exactly what my boss wanted (if we could have gotten the ATIV Smart PC Pro, we would have, except it has massive quality issues apparently and it also is in the same boat about needing to have a card installed, only Samsung techs couldn’t even confirm it has an antenna in it).