What is the song at the end of the 100?

Irish rock band U2’s ‘Bad’ was the final song played on the final episode of the post-apocalyptic series The 100 last night — The 100 series finale, Season 7, Episode 16, “The Last War“. A series that could not have ended with a better song.

What songs are used in the 100?

9 of the Best Songs From ‘The 100’ (VIDEO)

  • The100Brasil. 42.1K subscribers.
  • “Can’t Pretend,” Tom Odell. The 100 Music.
  • “Thousand Eyes,” Of Monsters and Men. Emily P.
  • “Alors on Danse,” Stromae.
  • “We Come Running,” Youngblood Hawke.
  • “Empire of Our Own,” RAIGN.
  • “Science/Visions,” CHVRCHES.
  • “Knocking on Heaven’s Door,” RAIGN.

Does the 100 have a soundtrack?

Trivia. The original score for seasons one and two was composed by Evan Frankfort. The original score for season three and four was composed by Tree Adams. Tracks from the original score were released in The 100: Original Television Soundtrack – Season 3 album.

What song does Murphy sing in the 100?

“Party All the Time” is a song by comedian and actor Eddie Murphy, written and produced by Rick James.

What song does Jasper listen to in The 100?

I Don’t Like Mondays.

What is the French song in The 100?

“Alors on danse” (“So We Dance”) is a song by Belgian musician Stromae.

What song does Jasper sing in The 100?

I Don’t Like Mondays (feat. Jasper sings in the shower when Monty comes to talk to him; (repeats) Jasper sings as walks away from Clarke.

Who did music for The 100?

composer Tree Adams
Interview: ‘The 100’ composer Tree Adams reveals how he created that epic season 3 soundtrack.

What song does Jasper listen to in the 100?

Who did the music for the 100?

The 100 (TV series)

The 100
Theme music composer Evan Frankfort Liz Phair
Composers Evan Frankfort Marc Dauer Liz Phair Tree Adams
Country of origin United States
Original language English

What song does Clarke sing in the 100?

All the Pretty Little Horses.