What is the Parelli method of horse training?

The Parelli programme is a people-training program focused on the study of horse behaviour and horsemanship skills. The programme spans Four Savvys, or areas of development, through four distinct levels of skill improvement. “I don’t think people [always] understand how horses feel, act and play,” he says.

What are the 7 Parelli games?

Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program: The Seven Games

  • The Friendly Game. This first game starts your relationship with your horse by building trust.
  • The Porcupine Game.
  • The Driving Game.
  • The Yo-Yo Game.
  • The Circling Game.
  • The Sideways Game.
  • The Squeeze Game.

Where is Pat Parelli now?

Pat Parelli is based out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, where Parelli Natural Horsemanship is headquartered. He has two instructional centers, one in Pagosa Springs and another in Ocala, Florida. Pat also spends time traveling across the world to host clinics.

What are the Parelli levels?

Pat Parelli has divided his educational program into four distinct areas, or “Savvys” – On Line, Liberty, FreeStyle and Finesse. Within these Savvys, there are four Levels of expertise: Levels 1 – Rapport, Level 2 – Respect, Level 3 – Impulsion, and Level 4 – Flexion.

What did Pat Parelli do?

Pat Parelli (born 1954) is an American horse trainer who practices natural horsemanship and founded the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program.

What is the porcupine game Parelli?

Horses naturally push into steady pressure, moving against it or barging through it. In order to develop a partnership with your horse, you need to help him overcome his fearful, defensive reactions to pressure and learn how to yield and move away from it. …

What is a carrot stick for horses?

The Carrot Stick acts as an extension of your arm both in the saddle and on the ground, providing you with a longer reach for closer communication. It is not a whip. You can stroke, guide, and support your horse while teaching him the Parelli Fundamentals.

What happened to Doris and Jack Parelli?

Doris and Jack Parelli died in a car accident on Wednesday in Marion County. The fatal, two-car crash occurred just after 4 p.m. at the intersection of U.S. Highway 27 and Northwest 84th Court Near Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club, according to FHP reports.

How old is Pat Parelli?

67 years (March 17, 1954)
Pat Parelli/Age

What happened to Chris Cox Horsemanship?

Chris lives on the Diamond Double C Ranch in Mineral Wells, TX with his wife Barbara and two children, Charley and Case, from September to May, where he conducts 3, 4 and 6-day horsemanship clinics. He now spends his summers at the Triangle C Ranch in Wyoming.