What is the Marine Corps order on haircuts?

You are not required to get a haircut every week. The order states that “men will be well groomed at all times,” and then goes into excruciating detail on style of fades, hair length — no more than three inches fully extended on the top of your head — and all the finer points about sideburns and tapering.

Can male Marines have braids?

Men are not allowed to have braided or plaited hairstyles when in uniform or in a duty status. During recruit training men must have completely clipped hair to the scalp. Sideburns must also remain neatly trimmed and tailored similar to the Marine haircut.

What are the Marine Corps general orders?

Marine Corps General Orders of the Sentry To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce. To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guard house than my own.

Can you wear headphones in uniform USMC?

Earphones and headsets are not allowed to be worn with any combination of uniform, partial uniform, or Marine Corps PT uniform (i.e., green on green and the Marine Corps running suit).

Can you wear black socks in USMC PT gear?

You can have any color socks you want, as long as they’re black. Yeah, you can buy any socks you want as long as their green or black when your wearing cammies. It must be black dress socks when you’re wearing a Dress Uniform. And white socks when you’re wearing a PT (physical training) uniform.

Can a marine wear a necklace?

Necklaces. Necklaces can be worn, but they should not be exposed when wearing uniforms. Male Marines are not authorized to wear earrings. Female marines are allowed to wear one earring per ear when wearing civilian clothes and military uniforms.

Can a Marine have a mohawk?

Multiple hairstyles are now allowed as long as it maintains a neat professional appearance and doesn’t impede the use of headgear. Examples of prohibited hairstyles under this definition would include Mohawks, Horseshoes, or “Landing Strips” (see below).