What is the general layout of the F-16 cockpit?

This diagram displays the general layout of the F-16 cockpit. The general layout is often divided into five areas . The front panel, The left and right forward consoles, and the left and right side consoles.

What is the F-16 Fighting Falcon DVIDS page?

F-16 Fighting Falcon DVIDS page. Mission. The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a compact, multi-role fighter aircraft. It is highly maneuverable and has proven itself in air-to-air combat and air-to-surface attack. It provides a relatively low-cost, high-performance weapon system for the United States and allied nations.

What is the purpose of the F-16?

It provides a relatively low-cost, high-performance weapon system for the United States and allied nations. In an air combat role, the F-16’s maneuverability and combat radius (distance it can fly to enter air combat, stay, fight and return) exceed that of all potential threat fighter aircraft.

How many G’s can the F-16 withstand?

With a full load of internal fuel, the F-16 can withstand up to nine G’s — nine times the force of gravity — which exceeds the capability of other current fighter aircraft. The cockpit and its bubble canopy give the pilot unobstructed forward and upward vision, and greatly improved vision over the side and to the rear.

How big is an F-16 FLCS stick?

F-16 FLCS Flight Control Stick. F-16 Fullsize Cockpit with and without engine scoop F-16 Fullsize Rib Station Layout. All Parts consolidated on a 40″ wide “Roll” and setup for continuous printing. All Parts consolidated to 4′ x 8′ Sheets of MDF or Plywood ready for CNC Routing.

What parts come with the F-16CJ set?

Here’s a little update to better show the drawings that come with the F-16CJ Set a little better. F-16 Center Tub. F-16 Outer Tub, Right, and Left side. F-16 Center Pedestal. F-16 Center Pedestal Glareshield. F-16 Main Instrument Panel. F-16 Left and Right Side Panels. F-16 Left and Right Partial Panels (Landing Gear and Fuel, etc).

What are HOTAS controls on the F-16?

Since introduction on the F-16, HOTAS controls have become a standard feature on modern fighters The F-16 has a head-up display (HUD), which projects visual flight and combat information in front of the pilot without obstructing the view; being able to keep his head “out of the cockpit” improves a pilot’s situation awareness.