What is the diameter of a 5A drumstick?

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Size 5A 5A
Tip Material Wood Wood
Length 16″ 16″
Diameter .565″ .565″

What size drumsticks did Keith Moon use?


Name Vic Firth Keith Moon Signature Drumsticks
Diameter 0.560″
Length 15 13/16″
Bead Wood
Artist Moon, Keith

What is the diameter of a drumstick?

Drumstick diameter The diameter of a stick is very personal to the drummer and it is impossible to know what is right for you without going to a drum store and giving some a try. Or you could order a selection of sizes to try at home. The majority of sticks have a diameter of around 0.57″ (1.45cm).

What snare drum did Keith Moon use?

At that time he was using a Gretsch walnut snare drum called a DRB Special with his massive Premier kit. He had several of them which were custom-built in New York.

Did Keith Moon use hi hats?

He did add a hi-hat in later years, but it wasn’t a big part of his drumset. Predominantly he used a lot of ride and a lot of crash. A good example of this is in the ‘Who Are You’ video of the band in the studio, and for the hi-hat 16ths, Keith is leaning over to the hi-hat set to his right.

What is the difference between a 5A and 5b drum stick?

Diameter wise, a 5B stick is thicker (larger in diameter) than a 5A stick. The three main stick weight categories are 7, 5 and 2 although drumsticks conventionally scale from 1 up to 9.

What do the numbers on a drumstick mean?

Drumstick Weight And Diameter. The weight and diameter of a stick is usually indicated by number and letter respectively, eg. 7A, 2B, 5A. The higher the number, the lighter the stick. Diameter wise, a 5B stick is thicker (larger in diameter) than a 5A stick.

What size drumsticks do I Need?

But first, you need to understand what the differences are between sticks and what all the numbers and letters mean! The length of a drumstick generally runs from 15 to 17.5 inches. Some drummers prefer smaller sticks and others use larger ones. Again this all depends on the size of your hands and simply what feels right for you.

What is a 2 series drumstick used for?

2 Series sticks are considerably heavier than 5 and 7 series and are usually used by hard hitting drummers in rock and metal contexts. The majority of drumstick companies adhere to the general and most popular styles, (2,5 and 7) however many companies nowadays create custom sticks to suit their customer’s needs.