What is the circulation of the Spokesman-Review?

The Spokesman-Review

Type Daily newspaper
Circulation Sunday: 95,939 Daily: 76,291
OCLC number 11102529
Website spokesman.com
Media of the United States List of newspapers

Who owns the Spokesman-Review newspaper?

William Stacey Cowles
The Spokesman-Review is still owned by the Cowles family, whose members continue to reside in Spokane and are actively involved in civic betterment efforts in addition to Cowles Company operations. Today, publisher William Stacey Cowles represents the fourth generation of his family to oversee the newspaper.

What is the Spokane newspaper?

The Spokane Daily Chronicle is a daily digital newspaper in Spokane, Washington.

When was the Spokesman Review founded?

The Spokesman-Review/First issue date
Publication History The Spokesman-Review began in 1894 as the merger of the Spokane Falls Review (founded in 1883) and the Spokesman. No issue or contribution copyright renewals were found for this serial. It is still published today.

Who owns Spokane Washington?

Cowles Company

Type Private
Area served Spokane, Washington, Spokane Valley, Washington, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Inland Empire
Key people Elizabeth A. Cowles (Chair) W. Stacey Cowles (Publisher)
Website cowlescompany.com
Footnotes / references Real Cities, McClatchy Interactive

Who owns KHQ Spokane Washington?

Cowles Company

Spokane, Washington– Coeur d’Alene, Idaho United States
Owner Cowles Company (KHQ, Incorporated)
First air date December 20, 1952
Former channel number(s) Analog: 6 (VHF, 1952–2009)

How many pages does the Spokesman-Review have?

The Spokesman-Review was published in Spokane, Washington and with 3,369,932 searchable pages from .

How do I contact the spokesman?

For questions, comments or complaints about news coverage, please contact city desk at (509) 459-5403, or editor Rob Curley at (509) 459-5030 or [email protected] If you have a news tip, call (509) 459-5403 or as follows: For specific news staffers, please click here. We welcome letters of up to 250 words on topics of general interest.

What is the Google News Archive?

Google News Archive contains a large collection of historical backfiles including major newspapers, magazines, and legal archives.

How do I place an obituary in the spokesman?

To Place a Classified Ad, please call (509) 456-7355. Call (509) 459-5119 or email [email protected] to place an obituary. M-F (8a-5p), Sat. (11a-5p). Announcement forms are required and are available online or at the front desk of our downtown office.