What is the best selling PS2 game?

Top 10 best selling Playstation 2 games Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (PS2 – 17.33 million, may include PC and Xbox versions) Gran Turismo 3 : A-Spec (14.89 million shipped) Grand Theft Auto III (14.5 million, may include PC and Xbox versions) Gran Turismo 4 (10.06 million shipped) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (7 million)

Where to buy PS2 games?

Target accepts used PS2 games — looks like over 800 in all at this point — and will actually pay cash (so long as you hit the minimum $5 trade-in value) or pass along store credit via a Target gift card. The company only takes games, though, so no systems or system accessories.

How much does PS2 cost?

The slim model PS2 is the only one sold new in the USA now. It goes for around $129. If you’re referring the the older, thicker model, those would be sold only used (unless you’re lucky enough to locate one in the box at some out of the way gaming store). The price would vary from dealer to dealer. Today a PS2 costs about $190 (Aus).

How much does a PlayStation 2 cost?

PlayStation 2 game consoles generally sell for $40-$60 at used game stores such as GameStop , although they can cost more when bundled with games and extra accessories. PlayStation 2 consoles sold through online auction sites typically sell for $25-$50, depending on condition and the accessories or games included.

Does GameStop still take PS2 games?

GameStop’s corporate office has confirmed yesterday’s news that all US locations will stop accepting any PlayStation 2-related trade-ins. GameStop also clarified in a statement to Engadget that PS2 games, accessories and systems will still be sold at its stores for “several months” until the remaining stock runs out.

Can ePSXe play PS2 games?

ePSXe is a PS1 emulator, capable of playing only PS1 games. PCSX2 is a PS2 emulator, capable of playing only PS2 games. The image extraction you might be talking about is making an image file from the original CD and using that image to play the game.