What is the best ePortfolio?

FolioSpaces is the world’s most popular free ePortfolio platform. * Use it to create your own Personal Learning Space. Students, teachers, career professionals and others find electronic portfolios are the best way to: showcase achievement.

What are the types of ePortfolio?

There are three major types of ePortfolio classification; developmental, showcase, and assessment.

What is the difference between portfolio and ePortfolio?

Why ePortfolios? Portfolios, electronic or paper, are spaces where one can collect artifacts and curate work. An ePortfolio allows for a digitalized collection of artifacts geared towards a certain purpose and a particular audience. ePortfolios can be more than a collection of artifacts though.

What is professional ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is a collection of work (evidence) in an electronic format that showcases learning over time. Evidence of creativity and performance. Evidence of extracurricular or co-curricular activities, including examples of leadership. Evaluations, analysis and recommendations.

What are e portfolio tools?

An electronic portfolio provides a scalable and comprehensive way to document personal progress of an organization towards defined goals and objectives, to evaluate the effectiveness of business operations, overseeing projects, as support for learning, professional development, audit public companies and to participate …

How do you create a professional Eportfolio?

Make sure to include a few key sections in your portfolio, like the following:

  1. About me.
  2. Resume.
  3. Professional work (including relevant projects, responsibilities, and promotions)
  4. Academic work (including course work, conference presentations, and published work)
  5. Contact information.

How do you create a professional ePortfolio?

How do you organize an ePortfolio?

You can organize your ePortfolio by renaming, reordering, or moving sections.

  1. Open ePortfolios. In Global Navigation, click the Account link [1], then click the ePortfolios link [2].
  2. Open ePortfolio. Click the title of the ePortfolio.
  3. Organize Sections. Click the Organize Sections link.
  4. Manage Sections.
  5. Save Changes.

How do you create a professional e-portfolio?

Are e-portfolios appropriate for working with students?

Ciocco and Holtzman (2011) suggest that e-portfolios are both useful and appropriate for working with students, particularly when considering that many of today’s learners are “techno-savvy”, “technology networked” and desirous of “completing their work entirely through use of computers” (p.69).

What is Benner’s novice to expert framework?

Benner’s (1984) novice to expert framework is ideally suited to portfolio and e-portfolio development for nurses in that proficiency at each of Benner’s levels (novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert) can be established by evaluating learner outcomes at each stage of his or her career.

What is an electelectronic (e-portfolio)?

Electronic or e-portfolios are a relatively new ‘tool’ being used increasingly by nurses. At their inception, most e-portfolios were in effect ‘online curriculum vitae’ (CV) -a simple translation of information from paper to an electronic form for online use.

Can eportfolios foster lifelong learning and development?

Interest in electronic or eportfolios is gathering momentum as educationalists explore their potential as a strategy for fostering lifelong learning and enhancing on-going personal and professional development.