What is the best air defense in clash of clans?

Single-target Inferno Towers are most effective if you have them. If not, other point defenses such as Archer Towers and Hidden Teslas or 2 Seeking Air Mines are strongly recommended.

What is the strongest defense building in clash of clans?

Wizard Tower Considered one of the best defensive buildings due to its versatility. It can attack both ground and air troops. Also, it has splash damage, which kills swarms of Bats and Goblins in a few shots.

How long does it take to upgrade air defense?

Air Defense

Level Damage per Second Build Time
1 80 0 days 3 hours
2 110 0 days 12 hours
3 140 0 days 16 hours
4 160 1 day

How much HP does a Level 4 Air Defense have?

Air Defense

Level Damage per second Damage per hit
4 160 160
5 190 190
6 230 230
7 280 280

What does air Defence do COC?

Air Defense is the main defensive building to protect your base against air units. Making single-damage, it can target and attack only a single air unit at a time, but the damage is massive.

What spells destroy air defense?

At Town Hall 8, a level 6 Air Defense can be destroyed with 4 level 5 Lightning Spells if done properly, thus making room for an extra Rage Spell that will dramatically improve mass Dragon attacks.

What defense should I upgrade first?

Defenses I recommend upgrading the new defense right away (TH12: Giga Tesla, TH11: Eagle Artillery, TH10: Inferno Towers). However, this is an aggressive strategy to push and level up faster. These defenses affect heavily the weight of your base on Clan Wars, specially maxing out the Giga Tesla.

Does the US have anti air defense?

United States Army air defense relies on a range of ground launched missiles ranging from hand held to vehicle mounted systems. The Air Defense Artillery is the branch that specializes in anti-aircraft weapons (such as surface-to-air missiles).

What is the meaning of air defense?

Definition of air defense : the means, techniques, and organizations devoted to preventing or minimizing the effects of attack by enemy aircraft or guided missiles.

How many lightning spells destroy air sweeper?

four Lightning Spells
To destroy a max-level Air Sweeper, you’ll need four Lightning Spells if they are level 5 or higher, three if they are level 7 or higher, and only two if they are maxed at level 9.