What is swivel in FPSO?

The swivel stack is the heart of the turret mooring and fluid transfer system (FTS). Reliability, safety, and flexibility are key to securing increased uptime for FPSO and FSO operations. OneSubsea can engineer, produce, and deliver swivel stacks and fluid transfer systems to FPSOs and FSOs worldwide.

What is a swivel on offshore?

The Offshore Swivel Knot is a very strong knot that is commonly used by offshore fishermen to secure large swivels to heavy fishing line. Form a section of double line using a Bimini Twist or Spider Hitch and insert the loop through one eye of the swivel.

What is turret mooring system?

The turret mooring system consists of a turret assembly that is integrated into a vessel and permanently fixed to the seabed by means of a mooring system. The turret system contains a bearing system that allows the vessel to rotate around the fixed geostatic part of the turret, which is attached to the mooring system.

Where is the Terra Nova FPSO?

Terra Nova is a Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessel (FPSO) located in the Terra Nova oil and gas field, approximately 350 kilometres (220 mi) east off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada in the North Atlantic Ocean….Terra Nova FPSO.

Beam 45.5 m
Height 91 ft 8 in (27.94 m)
Propulsion electric thrusters

What is a turret phone system?

A trading turret is a specialised phone system used by people who work in the financial industry. It’s designed for traders who experience a high volume of calls and need access to multiple lines to carry out split-second deals.

What does an FPSO do?

An FPSO is a floating production system that receives fluids (crude oil, water and a host of other things) from a subsea reservoir through risers, which then separate fluids into crude oil, natural gas, water and impurities within the topsides production facilities onboard.

Who makes FPSO internal turret systems?

The design features of the latest-generation FPSO internal turret system, jointly developed by Teekay Petrojarl Production and OneSubsea, are based on Teekay’s decades of experience in the North Sea as well as our 15+ years’ experience in supplying complete swivel stack and fluid transfer systems to FPSO facilities worldwide. Menu

What are turret and swivel systems?

This document describes the development of turret and swivel systems which allow ‘n x 360 degrees’ rotation have been the key technologies which have allowed FPSOs to be used in all met-ocean environments. Turret allows vessel to weathervane – that is, to take up a position which aligns it with the dominant forces of wave, wind and current.

How does an FPSO work?

The turret anchors the FPSO in place, and allows the FPSO to rotate freely with wind and current. The swivel transfers the oil and gas from the reservoir via the anchored part of the turret which is stationary to the ship side of the turret which rotates with the FPSO.

What is the interface between FPSO and subsea system?

Interface with Subsea Equipment Turret and swivel provide the main interface between the FPSO and the subsea system. Subsea system consists of flow lines, umbilical and mooring lines. Risers are provided for: