What is SJD-5A sonar?

SJD-5 sonar has several derivatives, including EH-5, with integrated circuits replacing transistors, which further developed into Echo Type 5, adopting LSIC technology. The latest member is SJD-5A, with VLSIC technology.

What is JD-3 sonar?

H/SJD-3 sonar is the Chinese development of Soviet Tamir-11 (MG-11) search light sonar.

What is the range of sjd-1 601 sonar?

Type 601 sonar array of SJD-1 sonar has a diameter of 2 meters, height of 1 meter and weight of 4 tons, and the range is in excess of 6 nautical miles (nm), more than twice the range of Soviet Tamir/MG-11 search light sonar originally proposed.

What is the history of sonar in China?

Chinese sonar systems were initially based on Soviet supplied system, and during 1980’s, some western sonars were also imported, including Italian DE-1160, French DUBV23/43, SS-12, HS-312 etc. Domestic Chinese sonars includes: H/SJD-1 sonar is an indigenously developed bow mounted sonar, first of its kind in China.