What is Owens Corning 703 used for?

Owens Corning 703 acoustic insulation, also called rigid fiberglass, is the #1 material used to build broadband acoustic panels and bass traps. It is ideal for DIY acoustic panels or fiberglass acoustic panels.

What is the R value of Owens Corning insulation?

11 and 19
Owens Corning EcoTouch PINK Fiberglas Insulation with PureFiber Technology is a preformed, flexible blanket insulation. It is produced in R-values of 11 and 19, with thicknesses of 3.5 inches and 6.25 inches.

What is the density of Owens Corning 703?

Selecting the Right Acoustic Material

Product Name Density lbs/ft3 4000 Hz.
Owens-Corning 703 1″ 3 lb. 0.96
Plus: Familar brand name, moderate strength and rigidity. Minus: High cost, lower sound absorption (NRC) because it is only 1″ thick.
Owens-Corning 705 2″ 6 lb. 0.99

Is Owens Corning insulation safe?

Extensive research supports the position that Owens Corning insulation glass fibers are safe to manufacture, and use when recommended work practices are followed. There is no evidence of disease in humans or animals from inhaling glass wool insulation fibers.

Can you cut Owens Corning 703?

Type 703 and Type 705 can be easily cut with a knife and fit neatly into irregularly shaped areas.

What is the R value of 8 inches of fiberglass insulation?

R-Value of Insulation by Type Fiberglass (batts): 2.9 – 3.8.

What is the R value of 4 inch fiberglass insulation?

Blown-in fiberglass has an R-value of 2.2 to 2.7 per inch. Batts. Fiberglass batts and rolls are ideal for placement between framing during construction in floors, walls, attics, and ceilings. They’re denser than blown-in insulation, offering an R-value of up to 4.3 per inch.

Is it safe to touch pink insulation?

Fiberglass is a synthetic material that’s made of extremely fine fibers of glass. These fibers can pierce the outer layer of skin, causing pain and sometimes a rash. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), touching fiberglass shouldn’t result in long-term health effects.

What is Pink Panther insulation made of?

PINK® Insulation Owens Corning adopted the Pink Panther as their official mascot in 1980. The famous cartoon character identifies with the color of the brand’s Fiberglas insulation. Modern fiberglass is innovated by incorporating other insulating materials like styrofoam or plastic foam.

Why choose Owens Corning fibreglass?

It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality and verified formaldehyde free. Help save energy and reduce noise and heat transfer while lowering operating costs on your next building project by insulating with Owens Corning FIBERGLAS® 700 Series Insulation.

Where is opowens ecotouch insulation made?

Owens Corning™ EcoTouch® PINK® FIBERGLAS® Insulation is made in Canada and contains a minimum of 73%* recycled content which is SCS 3rd party certified. It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality and verified formaldehyde free.

How many employees does Owens Corning have?

Leveraging the talents of 19,000 employees in 33 countries, Owens Corning provides innovative products, manufacturing technologies, and sustainable solutions that address energy efficiency, product safety, renewable energy, durable infrastructure, and labor productivity.

Why choose Fiberglas 700 insulation?

FIBERGLAS 700 insulation is available in varying densities of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid rectangular boards to meet specific performance, appearance and budget requirements. FIBERGLAS 700 insulation contains 40% recycled content and can add valuable LEED® credits to your next construction or renovation project.