What is makeKeyAndVisible?

This is a convenience method to show the current window and position it in front of all other windows at the same level or lower. If you only want to show the window, change its isHidden property to false .

What is UIWindow?

The presentation of one or more views on a screen is coordinated by UIWindow object. In iOS application usually only has one window. while View multiple. Windows and Views both are used for present your application’s content on the screen.

What is keyWindow?

keyWindow is the window which is currently being displayed on the device. This is normally your application’s window, but could be a system window. [UIApplication sharedApplication]. delegate. window is the window your application is expected to use.

What is UIWindow in Swift?

The backdrop for your app’s user interface and the object that dispatches events to your views.

Is UIWindow a UIView?

As with the views described previously, UIWindow is also a subclass of the UIView class and sits at the root of the view hierarchy which we will discuss in the next section.

Can we have multiple Uiwindows in iOS?

Yes, you can have multiple windows. A key window is the one who receives the user input.

How do I get current UIWindow?

Getting the current active UIWindow/appDelegate object without holding the apps objects. I’m writing a “blackbox” library. In this library I need to add a subView to any app which uses my library. Therefore, I don’t have any reference to the appDelegate nor to the UIWindow of the application.

What is difference between UIWindow and UIView?

So think of a UIView as controlling part of the screen: drawing to it etc. A window is a mere container. The window does cover the entire screen (usually), the window is the root view in the view hierarchy (it is a UIView subclass).

How do you dismiss Uiwindow?

The correct way to hide a window is to set the hidden property to YES. To remove it from UIApplication’s windows property you just release the window (in ARC you set all references to nil). Of course you would want to have another window in place at this time.

How many windows are there for an iOS app?

Every app has one window that displays the app’s user interface on an iOS-based device display. If an external display is connected to the device, an app can create a second window to present content on that display as well.

Can we have multiple Uiwindows in iOS application?

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