What is drum in Yoruba?

1. Omele Ako. The drum is also known as Sakara and it belongs to the bata family of drums. Omele is a shallow drum with a circular body, with goat or cow skin, the smallest in the set of bata drums. Omele Ako is used during weddings, parties and other festivities.

Where is the bata drum from?

Bata drums originated in Nigeria over 500 years ago and were primarily used for religious purposes.

Who is the Orisha Obatala?

Obatala or “Orisa Nla” (known as Obatalá in Yorubaland and in Caribbean and South American Spanish and Oxalá in Brazil) is an orisha. He is believed, according to Yoruba cosmology, to be the Sky Father and the creator of human bodies, which were brought to life by the smooth breath of Olodumare.

What are bata drums Yoruba?

The ìyáàlù (mother) bàtá drum is the largest of a set of drums (typically three to four) used by the Yoruba people. For at least five centuries the drum set was used as a speech surrogate and was associated with Sàngó, Esu Egungun, Oya and other Yoruba orisa cults.

What is Omele drum?

An Omele is a type of African drum. It is a Yoruba word describing a set of three small drums beaten with a distinctive curved stick.

What is a Tambor ceremony?

The Ruta del Tambor y el Bombo (literally “Drum and Bass Drum Route”) is a celebration of Easter and the Passion of Christ that takes place in nine towns in south-eastern Aragon (Spain), in the province of Teruel: Albalate del Arzobispo, Alcañiz, Alcorisa, Andorra, Calanda, Híjar, la Puebla de Híjar, Samper de Calanda …

What is the name of the smallest drum in the Bata ensemble?

omele ako
the bata ensemble consists of three drums, the two larger drums; iya ilu bata, and omele abo bata are double headed, each end is played and produces a unique tone. The smallest drum is called omele ako, this is a group of three small differently pitched drums tied together and played by a single player.