What is Aspen CPS?

The Aspen platform provides students and families with convenient access to grades, attendance, and additional information about student progress.

How do you login to Aspen?

To access all features of the portals, log on to the full site by typing your district’s Aspen URL into a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer. For quick, convenient portal access, however, you can log on to Aspen Mobile.

What is Aspen website?

Aspen is a student information system which offers parents and students online access to a secure site with personalized information about a student’s academic program and progress.

Why is my Aspen account disabled?

To protect your account from someone attempting access by trying random passwords, when the wrong password is entered 5 times, your account will be disabled. Should you get locked out, you can unlock the account by successfully completing the “Forgot my password” wizard on the main login page.

What does SF mean on Aspen?

Coordinator changes the period attendance from AUX to an. AE (Absent Excused). 3) The student CANNOT be marked School Function (SF).

How do I find my GPA on Aspen?

To view GPA results:

  1. Log on to the School view.
  2. Click the Grades tab.
  3. On the GPA side-tab, click Results. The page displays the results of the last Grade Point Averages report run. For each student, the page displays a record for each year. Each year includes GPA results for that year and cumulative results:

How do you make a parent portal in Aspen?

How can I create a Parent Portal account? Please contact your school to provide your up-to-date email address and request a Parent Portal account in Aspen. Once parent contact information has been verified by the student’s school, parents will receive a signup email from Aspen.

How do I activate my Aspen account?

The account creation options on the Aspen login screen update accordingly….To enable or disable student or family account creation:

  1. Log on to the District view.
  2. Select District > Setup > Preferences.
  3. Click the Category drop-down to select Security. The security preferences page appears.

What does a VA mean in Aspen?

Page 3. District of Columbia Public Schools | February 2014. Page 3 of 3. ISA Absence = Yes. Student B.

How do I make an Aspen account?

At the login screen, parents and students can create an Aspen account. Note: Your (or your child’s) school manages your Aspen user account….Go to the Aspen login screen.

  1. Click Request an account.
  2. Select one of the following:
  3. Notes: You might not see all three options in the Account Type pop-up.

What is Aspen Cambridge Public Schools?

Aspen is a secure online information resource for Cambridge Public Schools. It contains family contact information, grade information, and a variety of reports and documents that teachers, students and parents may need. View your child’s schedule and list of his/her teachers. Some teachers will have set up student and parent pages!

How do I login to Aspen as a parent?

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School students and parents can now login to Aspen to view their child’s gradebook, assignments, attendance, and conduct. Students and parents now have separate accounts. Students can login using their CPS network credentials. Parents, please login using your email address.

What is aspen and what does it contain?

It contains family contact information, an online grade book, copies of progress reports and a variety of documents that teachers, students and parents may need. All grade 6-12 students and their parents have access to Aspen.