What is an alternative BOM in SAP?

SAP multiple BOM (Bill of Materials) is also known as alternative BOM and denoted as BOM type “M” in SAP ERP. When an assembly or subassembly can be made using different sets of components or different combination of raw materials, it will have more than one BOM which is known as multiple BOM.

What is an alternative BOM?

Alternative BOMs provide a different way to produce a product. They include a list of all the parts and their quantities required to build the product or assembly using the same manufacturing part number as an existing BOM. Within the same plant, support different mBOM compositions for different BOM types.

How do I activate alternative BOM in SAP?

First goto CS03 and enetr your FG material code and plant for which your alternative BOM was created from there get the BOM number from header tab. Goto t-code OS32 and enter your BOM number plant valid from dates of your alternative bom and make the other BOM inactive in CS02.

How do I change the alternative BOM in SAP?

To change one alternative in a multiple BOM:

  1. Choose Material BOM Change.
  2. You see the Change material BOM initial screen.
  3. Enter the data that identifies the alternative you want on the initial screen.
  4. Enter a valid-from date or a change number.
  5. If you do not enter an alternative, first you see the alternative overview.

How do I find the alternative BOM in SAP?

Normally, the SAP system will by default display the latest BOM. Notes: In cases where you cannot display the older alternative BOM, you can use table MAST to check.

How do I make alternative BOM?

To create a new alternate BOM in the BOM Transformer select and open the context menu of a downstream object, and then click New > New Alternate BOM.

How do I get rid of alternative BOM?

In order to delete a component of BOM, you can use transaction ‘CS02’. CS02 is referred as Change Material BOM.

What is recursive BOM in SAP?

A BOM is recursive if the product contains a component with the same object number as the superior assembly. A component has the same material number as a higher-level product. In paint production, a residual quantity of the paint to be produced is used as a component.

How do I get rid of alternative BOM in SAP?

How do you delete a BOM in SAP?

You can either set the delition flag at the header level of the BOM in CS02 or else directly delete the BOM through CS02. But in order to delete the production version this is not a pre-requisite. henceforth this production version cannot be used in demand management or planned order’s or production order’s.

How do I cancel my bill of materials?

In order to delete a component of BOM, you can use transaction ‘CS02’. CS02 is referred as Change Material BOM. It is further classified within the Logistics – General module. Package Description: R/3 Application development: PP Bills of Material.

What is group BOM in SAP?

BOM Group: It is collection of bill of materials which enable you to describe a product or similar products. Eg: All variants of a variant BOM and all alternatives of a multiple BOM is an example of BOM Group. Group BOM: It is a BOM wherein u do not assign any plant while its creation.

What is PLM in SAP?

Full form or SAP PLM stands for (Product Lifecycle Management), the dynamics of business world keep changing every day on a global level and the same should reflect on the products that a company sells.

What is message class in SAP ABAP?

Message Class is a like a container which holds a number of different messages. Each message in the message class is identified with unique message number. So when you call a message in a ABAP program, you need to specify the message class and message number.

What is SAP ABAP Workbench?

ABAP workbench is a graphic programming to develop various applications by using ABAP language in ERP SAP R/3 system. It is a central part of SAP business applications. SAP ABAP Workbench provides various tools to create abap programs and perform development activities such as ABAP Dictionary, Editor and painter.

What is SAP ABAP environment?

ABAP runtime environment is an environment, which is provided by the SAP NW AS ABAP. This environment consists of hardware, operating system, and database independent platforms (virtual machines) of an ABAP program.